Monday, May 01, 2006

Heartache and Fun

My heart just aches for the people of our home church in MN. All I can say is to ask for prayers as they are going through a very difficult time and there are a lot of mixed emotions.

On a much lighter note...
I received a sweet blessing today as I finally got some new underwear! LOL So this may sound stupid but I've worn all my current underwear through pregnancy and gaining oh... a few pounds. Needless to say that everything's a bit too big now so I made the plunge and tried a store here in HK. Turns out it was a good decision and will probably go back tomorrow for a few more pairs.

So about our trip...
I've already mentioned about our arrival in Thailand and some of the first two days but I need to go back and share some more details... especially some things that I've learned. Our first full day at Dolphin Bay I learned two very important lessons: 1. NEVER ASSUME anything! I just assumed that my optomitrist gave me the right lenses. However, after throwing away my last pair of contacts, I realized that the perscription was wrong. I can't even begin to tell you how frustrated and bummed I was but PTL I had my glasses which is why I have them on in all my pictures. Didn't make for the most comfortable trip but at least I could see. 2. Don't trust sunblock that you have no idea how old it is! Actually, I'm not sure how this happened because Mike was not affected but I had the wierdest sunburn on my legs Sunday night. It was almost as if I put the sunscreen on in streaks. Too weird but it made for an uncomfortable Monday. I must again thank the Lord for blessing me with the ability to tan easily because the burn went away pretty quickly.

Now on to more fun details...
I think I left off with Wed and what an incredible day Wed was. We woke up early (actually we did this everyday thanks to Isabella) and hired a driver to take us to the National Park to go hiking. First our driver decided to take us to the National Park Office for a little tour of the wetland.

Then we decided to hike to Phraya Nakhon Cave.

The information we had on it said 'strenuous hike' and man was it right! We climbed STRAIGHT up the mountain. It was like climbing very steep steps. I was thankful that the majority of the hike was uphill which meant our return would be much easier. But it was so worth it. The cave was gorgeous and there was a little place where Kings visit. Our driver actually came with us and explained as much as he could in English about the area. We ended up taking a bit of an extra hike and decided to pass it up on the way back and take a boat back to the island. I was afriad I would get sea sick due to my motion sickness issues but I was fine and loved the little trip.

So much so that when we got back to Dolphin Bay, we rested for a few hours and then headed out on a boat ride in hopes of seeing some Dolphins. Unfortunately that didn't happen but we had a great time. Our fisherman and his son loved playing with Isabella and they took us to Monkey Island and into a canal that led to a little fishing village. They were so excited to show us things that I think they would have taken us anywhere we wanted to go. They kept asking, "Stop here?"

We learned that Dolphin Bay does a lot of boat rides to help out the local fishermen. We loved this idea and were happy to support them.

I think Wed was one of the best days there. We did a variety of things together as a family and discovered that Isabella loves hiking as much as we do! If only everyday could be like this!

News of the day...
Today was a laid back/relaxing day. We ran some errands and spent the rest of the day watching Isabella walk... or wobbling maybe? Mike kept telling her she needed an alignment. LOL

May you have a blessed Monday!


Margie said...

I will pray for your home church!! I love all your photos! Looks like you had a wonderful family time!! That's so awesome :)

Mike said...

i did have a blessed monday, i was with you.
great post. we'll keep praying for our family in mn, they need it.