Sunday, May 14, 2006


Many of you are just beginning to celebrate Mother's Day and we're headed for bed! What a wonderful first Mother's Day it was for me... yes Mike it truly was!

To begin, the 2/3 year olds sang Jesus Loves Me for the congregation and they did a fabulous job! We did it just like we do in our service... singing to a cd but they belted out the words. It was fun to watch how different ones responded to being on stage. It just blessed my heart to see them up front praising God.

Sunday School was very good for me because it helped me to understand a little more about the culture here. We were discussing relationships and I discovered two things. One, they have no concept of what 'Daddy's Little Girl' means and two, you don't usually spend time at your friends house. If you are going to spend time with them, you usually are going somewhere. It was great to hear the girls (I'm with Mike and the Jr. High group which consists of only girls... we've only got 1 Jr. High boy so we send him with the other boys) perspectives and understand their lives a bit more.

For lunch we headed over to the Harbour Plaza Hotel for their incredible buffet. When we arrived our friends, Co, Phuc and their kids, were there and invited us to join them. We just love this family and of course said yes. They have a 9(I think anyway) year old, a 3yr old, and a 7 month old and the two older ones just love Isabella... especially the 3yr old, Matthew. He loves to entertain her and pick her up. He has since the first time we met them. Anyway... they surprised and blessed us by picking up the tab! They are such a giving couple and the ones who have provided the carpet and several toys for Children's Church. They are fellow missionaries and have been a huge blessing to both Mike and I.

We came home expecting Isabella to take a long nap but no luck. 40 minutes later she was up and ready to party. We decided to go on a walk and 4hrs later came home with her birthday presents and some great pictures! LOL I love our walks to TST and it was another beautiful day to take one. We got to see a little bit of a cricket game on our way and the coolest thing was hearing international Christian music through the speakers the closer we got to TST! Turns out there was a singing group but Isabella was a little to antsy to stay in one place to listen to them. We also stopped to get our XTC on Ice and our lady was there. The second we walked into the door she came over to Isabella and starting talking to her. I love the fact that we have built (even if it's just a little bit) a relationship with her. If one of us is missing, she always ask about them and of course asks about Isabella.

So that was pretty much our day. It was fun, relaxing and just a great family day. I needed it because this past week has been hard for me. Not only was it Mother's Day but also my Mom's birthday and it's hard for me to be so far away this time of year. My dad's not big into celebrating and he's not a shopper so I always feel my Mom doesn't get the pampering/love she deserves on these days. And I was a terrible daughter this year and very late in expressing my love and appreciation to her. Thankfully, she loves me just the same.

Now... some great pics!

Mother's Day Family Photo

I didn't make her do this... I promise!

So lady like... takes after her Mommy. LOL

Isn't she a doll!

One hot couple! LOL

Again, for you Mom's who read this... HAVE A BLESSED MOTHER'S DAY!

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DragonFly Designs said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Your photos are SO adorable of Isabella and you and your dh..great shots...=P