Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I finally finished my LO for round 3 of the Ultimate Scrapper contest. This was a hard one. I knew exactly the story I wanted to tell (our journey to HK) but my pictures weren't high quality and I struggled with how to place them on the page. However, I journaled a ton! Probably too much but there was just so many awesome things not to remember. Here it is if you'd like to take a peek. Again... it's a bit out of the norm for me and I'm pleased with what I did. Making it to the next round isn't a big deal to me but I love the fact that I was challenged to scrap the story that changed our lives... literally our dream come true. Pictures or not... the words are what mean most to me. The chance to remember how AWESOME our God is and how incredible it is to look back and see His hand at work.

My baby turns 1 tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. We're having a little party (just the three of us) tomorrow night but her real party is on Sunday. I think I'll take some time to reflect on this past year and what a blessing she has been to me.

Well... either Isabella is having bad dreams or her teeth are bothering her so I should get to bed because it may be a rough nigh.

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Mrs. Miles said...

Congratulations for your scrapping success! I stumbled across your blog thru a link at CW0. I am a Christian woman digiscrapper too! I invite you to come visit my blog too, I give a free element daily (when I can, at least) Sounds like we have a lot in common both creatively and creation -ally tee hee
Barb Derksen