Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Summer has begun!!!!!!!!!!!

The pools are open, the sun is shining, and Isabella and I have begun our summer. I've been told that we are to have a rainy summer so I'm taking full advantage of the beautiful days that we are having right now. It has been just gorgeous so Isabella and I have been at the pool each day enjoying the water. There is one pool that you enter as you would a beach (rather then stepping down) and it's perfect for her to sit and play with her bucket of toys. I dunked her a few times today and after the initial shock... she loved it.

Yesterday Mike and I observed a situation that made me angry. A lot of Filipino ladies here are domestice helpers and in my opinion, get treated poorly. They often have a tiny living space, don't make very much money, have great expectations put on them, and sometimes they're not even allowed to turn on the air on during the day while they clean. Anyway... most of the women I know or see seem genuinely happy and carry a smile on their face. So yesterday... we were walking and a young girl (maybe about 8/9) was on her way home I'm assuming from school. All of a sudden, she stopped, dropped her bag and kept walking... rolling her shoulders like she'd been carrying 40lbs on her back. I thought this was a bit odd until a lady ran (obviously her helper) by us and picked up her bag and continued to follow her home. It really upset me to see the look of disgust on the young girls face that she had to carry the bag that far. I couldn't believe that someone that young would treat someone else so rudely. Frustrates me to even think about it... but it made me think about how badly I want Isabella to be a joyful, thoughtful, respectful little girl and what I need to do to teach her that.

I'm on to a new book, "I am not but I know I am by Louie Giglio," and have really appreciated the first chapter because very quickly it states... 'The story already has a star, and the star is not you or me. And here's why it matters-if we don't get the two stories straight, everything else in our lives will be out of sync.' Talk about putting you in your place from the VERY beginning. I haven't gotten very far yet but I'm impressed and look forward to what I'm about to discover about our AWESOME God.

is my second LO for the Ultimate Scrapper Contest I entered. I could hardly believe I made it to the second round and knew this week was going to be a challenge when they said... Describe yourself. So anyone who looks at this will learn a little about me. It was fun to do. I tried to step a bit out of the norm for me again and I like how it turned out.

I have some exciting news to share (no, I'm not pregnant... lol) but it's late and I want to get to bed so I'll share tomorrow. I hope you all have a blessed, sunny day!

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JennStar said...

That's really sad! It's terrible to see that type of behavior in other societies. Funny how very different the "roles" are in other cultures and what's considered appropriate. You've got the right attitude- to use that as a reminder for how you raise your children.
Can't wait to hear your news!!