Saturday, May 06, 2006

Question for you Moms...

I have a few fun ideas for Izzy's party but I was wondering what you did that made your child's 1st birthday so special?

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Charlene said...

Jasmine's only 8 days older, so her party is tomorrow :)

We're actually having two smaller, separate parties, since my family can't come out here this weekend. But both are going to be very low-key. I'm putting her in a beautiful dress (for more gorgeous pictures) and we'll eat and watch her run around, and let her open presents.

When I worked at a bakery during college, people ordered enormous, fancy cakes for their child's first birthday. I thought it was so silly. Jasmine won't remember the day! The party is really for her family, though hopefully she'll have fun at it.

So others may disagree, but I would say: do what would mean the most to you, and that will be special to her. Take her to a park or something where she can enjoy herself, but don't try for the world's biggest bash. :) I know Jasmine would be happiest just having time with her beloved aunts and uncles, and doesn't need balloons and streamers and a clown and a pony and .... ;)