Friday, June 22, 2007

Anyone up for a challenge?

Isn't she the cutest? We had another great day today... met Amy, Vienna and Lucas for a trip to Sai Kung this morning and I realized how much moving to Ma On Shan has change my view on living in HK. I absolutley LOVE, LOVE living here despite the long travel time to church. It has opened up so many new areas which are more my style. I can easily go hiking, to the beach, to a little town for some fun vendor shopping. It's just so nice to be away from the heart of everything. And having someone that I can call even at the last minute to come hang out with us... just adds to the fun. This has just been a wonderful week of enjoying the beauty of Hong Kong.

Tomorrow's to be another hot and humid day so we'll probably hit the pool for most of the day. And only 10 days to our missions trip Davao!!!!! So excited!

It's been a tiring week for me and I haven't been feeling well so my running and better eating habits have slacked big time. So I decided in preparation for our trip to the states and lots of popsicles, DQ, chick-fil-a, Papa John's, etc.... I'm going to do another 21 day challenge. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do but I really want to try a cleansing type where I totally limit my sugar, caffeine, and spending on unnecessary items (including foods). Now... that being said.. I need to set some rules and I need another day or two (or one more brownie and coke to do this but I'm actually really excited about it. I really want to change my eating habits to include much healthier items but I know for me personally.. I need more of a drastic approach to get a kick start.

On a side note... I discover how much I enjoy challenges and pushing myself. Like with running... I challenged myself to run a 10K and I had no problems getting my butt moving and then again with the goal of a 1/2 marathon. I challenged myself to stop drinking coke light for 21 days and did it without any major problems. LOL And I've been wanting to eat more fruits and veggies but it wasn't until I started thinking about doing a 21 day challenge in this way that I got really excited and motivated to do it. I guess this can be a good and bad thing but for what I've been pushing/challenging myself with lately has really improved both my physical and spirital health. And I won't complain... just need to keep thinking of new ways to push myself.

Okay... gotta get to bed. Blessings!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I've been making a list of the things I want to pick up while we're in the states and then I thought to myself... 'Why bother... the chances of me not losing the list is unlikely and if I don't lose it, I'll probably forget it somewhere and then end up forgetting half of what I wanted.' So I decided to make an ongoing list on my blog so that I can refer to here anytime I need to make a temporary list. LOL

Things I NEED (lol) to bring back....
1. Muffin mixes
2. Cheese
3. Shampoo/Mousse (can get it here but it's so much cheaper in the states)
5. fabic softener sheets

Things I'd like to get....
1. More running gear.... shorts and tanks maybe some new shoes
2. Normal shorts cause they don't seem to exsist here
3. Candles
5. Settlers
6. Some magazines
7. Crafts to do with Izzy

Things I would like to do/places I want to go....
1. the ZOO
2. hike
3. bbq with my in-laws
5. Idlewild
6. Teach Izzy how to hit a ball
7. BE OUTSIDE and watch Izzy run around like a crazy girl

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A picture's worth a thousand words

I think these pictures speak for themselves... we had an incredible day!

Yeah... Mommy had a slip up today... forgot Izzy's swimsuit. But thankfully she was okay with that and didn't get burned.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A tribute to.... Daddy

If only I could express (in words) the thoughts that run thru my head to let my Daddy know how much I love him. So mama decided she would help me out. She'll write the words and I'll show you the pictures...

Daddy introduces me to all sorts of new things... (sometimes things that Mama would never do or even like this horse on the beach in Thailand, and football, and picking my nose. (hehe)

He's also my protector. When I'm afraid... He comforts me (like when I don't like to stand on the sand)... He watches out for
me and prays with me.

Daddy listens to what I have to say... even when he doesn't understand a thing. He loves telling me stories too but most of all I love our 'home from work' squeezes where he just let's me know how much he missed me. I don't always sqeeze back but it's not because I don't love him... I'm just too much like him and can't sit still.

I love it when Daddy plays with me. He's rougher than mama and pushes me to try new things. But I also love it when he allows me to choose the activity and he plays along no matter how boring or girly it is for him.

Daddy is a godly man who teaches me to have faith and trust in God. He prays with me every night and sets a wonderful example of what it means to wholeheartedly follow the Lord. I'm so blessed!

I could go on and on but mama says it's time for bed. So I'll simply close with....

I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!! HAPPY fATHEr's DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007


miles equals.... a HALf-MArATHON!!!! I can't belive it! I finally did it. I completed my first unofficial half-marathon and bumped myself up to 6th place! Wohoo... I feel fabulous... okay well a little sore but fabulous!

Today was just great all around... an easy trip to the store (Izzy was so well behaved the whole time!!!), a little time in the playroom making new friends, some nice treats that we don't get very often (sharp cheddar cheese, trail mix), a little time at the pool (even though it was raining), a little blues clues and 'skek' (aka Shrek.. Izzy's latest movie craze), a great run, daddy came home early to help prepare for the evening and an evening full of youth group students in our flat... in fact some are still here but they're playing xbox so I thought it was okay to veg a bit on my own. Wow... what a day of blessings.

I know there was more that I wanted to write but for now... I'm going to sign off and enjoy the fellowship of a bunch of teens. Have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another quirk

I finally had the chance to scrap some... here's Izzy singing 'He's got the Whole World in His Hands'. I just love watching her do motions to songs. So cute.

Izzy's latest quirk... when it's nap time she has to change back into her pj's. It totally makes me laugh but hey... she's been sleeping longer since she started so I won't complain. In fact she had probably the best night and day of sleeping since we moved and she was totally a different person today... so happy and well behaved. So much so that I decided to venture to the unknown. There's a HUGE new building that opened last weekend with an Australian based craft store and I heard great things about it so I decided to check it out. I literally was almost in tears when I walked into the store. There is absolutely nothing like this in Hong Kong. Everything there was so familiar to me, from the items in it to the set-up of the store (I didn't have to squeeze down isles)... and they even have paper scrapping supplies!!!!! It was great!!! I think I need to go back there without Isabella though. I was able to get a curtain rod to hang this Thai wall hanging that I've had since Christmas and I found a few little crafts to do with Izzy. They didn't have a lot in this category so I guess I'll be stocking up when we go home but at least we found a couple fun things to do when it rains.

Speaking of coming home... it's just over a month until we visit! I'm SOOO excited. I just can't wait for Izzy to have outdoor space to run around. And I'm just anxious to visit in the summer... there will be so much to show Izzy.... ah...

Well... I need to get some sleep!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Had an interesting Bible study this evening. It was on stewardship and it was interesting not to focus on the money side (which we tend to associate stewardship with). Our focus seemed to be upon using the gifts that God has given us as well as being good stewards of our time. We looked at a lot of different scriptures but the one that got me a bit fired up was the parable of the three servants (Matthew 25:fourteen-30).

We were all being honest and sharing so I took the opportunity to share my heart and try to get some honest feedback. My frustration with this verse is that God's telling us that we are not to waste the gifts that He's given to us and that 'from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.' So why do most churches suffer from the 20/80 principle???? I was not at all trying to be mean or judgemental... I just would really like to know why many people attend church yet so few actually get involved in using their gifts.

I understand that 'time' is always an issue but how is it that some can do it and others can't... are they less busy? Are people not aware of their gifts, do they feel too new in their faith, do they feel unqualified (and if so why don't they seek help to learn).... seriously I'm not trying to be mean... I just don't get it and would love to know how to encourage more people to get involved. I just think of the Children's ministry that I'm involved with right now. Currently, I need 8 teachers to cover every Sunday of the month (that means everyone teaches once a month) If I could recruit 16 teachers that means only teaching once every other month... doesn't seem like to much of a commitment to me and it seems like that should be an easy feet in a church of about 250. But alas... I've got 5. But despite the lower number... they are all passionate about the children and eager to serve and I couldn't be more grateful.

So anyway... I was left with my question unanswered and it made me think about my gifts and how I'm using them within the church and how I could possibly use them outside of the church.

We had a fun day today... we met Amy and Lucas, Jill and Hunter and checked out the Ma On Shan park and indoor playroom. It was really fun to be able to chat and watch the little ones play. Isabella made a few new friends in the playroom and made me really question whether or not I should put her in kindergarten... not necessarily for the education side but because she enjoys being around other children so much that I almost feel like I'm holding her back because I don't want her to go. Anyway...

We came home, Izzy napped and then we met Amy and Lucas again at our playroom. I left with an excitment of seeing God at work. Amy is with Campus Crusade for Christ and has a passion for moms and so she spent the entire hour talking to me about MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and the possibility of starting it here in HK. I'm not totally familiar with this but I am excited about reaching moms and familes for the Lord and it's so cool to have someone to dream/pray/etc with about this. right now we're just trying hard to meet ladies and we'll see where the Lord takes it.

And I've been praying about what to do about this desire in my heart to somehow support those living in poverty in Thailand. My MIL just sent me a video about a cool ministry and so tomorrow my goal is to write to them to learn more about what they do.

On a cute note... Isabella discovered her Tutu on Saturday.

Here she is doing the motions/singing to 'He's got the Whole World in His Hands'

And she refused to take off her Tutu.. so here she is again on Sunday... just dancing to the music.

So after the fight to get it off on Sunday... I threw it in the wash and hid it! I'll bring it out another day when we don't have plans but I'm not up for the battle of clothes just yet.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

6 Years of Adventure

I really should be going to bed but I had to post this today... just didn't seem right to wait. LOL

Today Mike and I celebrated 6yrs of marriage!!! How exciting to look back on these past years to see where God has brought us! He's taken two people with a plan of their own and softened their hearts so that we followed Him. Our plan was to marry, work doing pretty much whatever would get us out of debt for a few years, then head off to China to teach. Children were like 500 yrs down the road. But just months before marriage we both said (to God in our own private times) 'Whatever you want God' and ended up in full time ministry, moving to Alabama, Minnesota and now Hong Kong... with one precious little girl! Crazy!

We have experienced so much in 6yrs it's unbelievable to me but God has used each and every situation to build our character and strengthen our faith. A family in MN always told us we were wise beyond our years... and while I don't necessarily agree (LOL) it is amazing to me to think about all the things the Lord has challenged us with (good and bad), situations He's called us to lead in (again good and bad), asked us to have faith about and we're still in our twenties. It's exciting and a bit scary to think about what the future holds.

I feel so blessed to have a godly husband who wants nothing more than to serve the Lord with all his heart! Even if we weren't in full time ministry... I know he'd be devoting his life to serving others. It's been so awesome to watch him develop as a Pastor... to watch Him lead... to watch him as a father... to hear his heart... He's passionate, faithful, wise, loving, goofy (as all youth pastor's should be), I could go on and on... but what really matters is his heart for the Lord and the example he sets for our family. It's so awesome to realize that while I could list a million things 6yrs ago that I loved about him.. I could list so much more now and to realize the things that I would've never known about him if we hadn't followed the Lord. I feel blessed to love him more now than ever!

So this evening we celebrated 6 wonderful, exciting years by doing the one thing we've always loved to do together... we went to the movies and saw Ocean's 13. It was great and while tomorrow marks another oridinary day... it begins the next year of adventure for the roses! We look forward to what God has in store for us... and pray that we will always remain focused on Him and keep Him the center of our marriage!


Friday, June 08, 2007

Surrounded by Darkness

That's how my day was today... not by bad news but no lights, curtains shut... my eye was just too sensitive to handle much. I really thought I'd wake up and it'd be much better. The pain seems to be gone but the sensitivity... oh my... still there. I'm praying very hard that it disappears by late afternoon tomorrow so I can enjoy our special anniversary date. It's not often that someone inisists on babysitting so I must take them up on their offer.

Despite the stormy weather (actually I was quite thankful for it) we had a great day. Izzy and I fingerpainted for quite some time this morning, built with her blocks, sang, watched some tv, took 2 bubble baths... and this afternoon Amy had us come over for just a bit so Izzy could spend some time with her children to see if she'd be comfortable staying with them. Amy is very willing to do some babysitting swapping (what a HUGE blessing) and we want to get started soon so we're trying to spend as much time together as we can so the children are comfortable with each other and with us mom's. Isabella had no problems and cried the whole way home because we had to leave but she quickly got over it when we walked in the door and Becky was there.

We had the youth to our place for the evening and it was great. I haven't seen Izzy put on a show like she did tonight since Grandma and Papa were here last summer. Everyone (even all the boys) just love her and take time to play with her and it just blesses my heart. Becky responded instantly when Izzy said, 'come with me.' Justin drew with her. Ben allowed her to jump into his lap and helped her with this winnie the pooh toy. Nancy let her literally jump into her lap and eat her pizza. Even Toby (who says little kids scare him) played catch with her. And all the others just followed and responded to her... made her laugh. I love that they love her.

Tomorrow marks a big day for Mike and I... 6yrs! Crazy isn't it!

Okay.. back into my cave.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

A bit sensitive

I had some great plans for today and tomorrow but I woke up with a terrible case of conjunctivitis and could barely see. I've really struggled with eye allergies here but today was the worst. I've never felt so much pain and sensitivity as I did today. And because of this and not knowing how to find an eye dr and thinking about how I was going to have to travel with Izzy to our family dr and potentially an eye dr. (I thought it was worse than conjunctivitis)... talk about being emotional. I've never wanted to be back in the states as much as I did today. But the Lord allowed me to meet a women on the mini bus and Amy (my new friend) on the shuttle bus back to Monte Vista who helped me tremendously with Izzy and my bags. And when Mike got home, he took Izzy out so I could just cover my head and close my eyes. I'm feeling a bit better but now I'm a bit restless because I napped with Izzy and ended up falling asleep when Mike took Izzy out... now I'm not quite ready to sleep. LOL

Here are some scenery photos from our Junk Boat trip. It was absolutely gorgeous... Hannah you would have loved it! i'll share more about the trip another day but wanted to share these pics. There are some really beautiful spots in HK!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the Little Gym

Well.. my computer's tired so I can't edit any of these photos to make them a bit brighter and colorful but I just had to post them. Today was Izzy's last day at the Little Gym. This has been a great experience for her and a great way for me to meet some new people. We're going to try to continue this when we return from the states this summer but we'll see... we may try to find something a bit closer. So here's my baby in all her glory... I'm too tired to adjust the photos so this is backwards for our day... we start with bells and the group activity and end with stamps.

Miss Louise and Izzy
Miss Amy and Izzy
Singing the Goodbye Song
Getting stamps... Izzy likes to get stamps all over... lol
Playing football
Doing a flip on the bar

forward roll
parachute... Izzy's favorite group activity

Friday, June 01, 2007

A better day :)

Today was a better day though I must have slept funny because my neck is killing me. Oh well... This morning we went over to Jill and Hunter's to swim for a bit and then play in their playroom. It's an amazing playroom with a McDonald's type climbing thing (though all soft) inside. Isabella had a blast! Jill wanted to show me the room before swimming and Isabella actually was willing to give up the 'pooola' to play inside. Now that's saying something. LOL We actually spent last night with them as well... all three (including ryan) came over for dinner and a game of risk which was really fun. I'm really looking forward to having them so close next year (they're moving to Monte Vista in a few weeks.) We've talked about doing a family bowling night once everyone has retuned from summer breaks... hehe. (Yes our complex has it's own bowling alley...4 lanes I believe.. isn't that crazy!)

We headed home just in time for Isabella to squeeze in a nap before our next play date. We were to meet a new mom (Amy) at 4 and her children who live in Blk 7 of our complex. I knew Izzy was tired but I didn't realize how tired until I had to go in and wake her at 4 and this is what I found...

I'm not even sure how she got like that because when I left she was totally covered up and at the right end. Oh well... she seemed happy. But I really wanted to meet Amy so I woke her and she was not happy.... wonder where she gets that from. LOL So we get to the playroom and I realize how late I was (about 10min.. though I did let Amy know I'd be late) but she was nowhere so I wondered if maybe she had come and left already. I was so disappointed and Izzy was not warming up to the idea of being in the playroom so we were just about out the door when I see her come running in. She was so friendly and reminded me so much of my friend Map but anyway... I was wearing my lovely 'Jesus loves MN girls' (love it Hannah!) shirt and one of the first words out of her mouth was...

'Are you a Christian or what does your shirt mean?'
And I thought to myself... 'oh boy this could be fun.' And I said, 'Yes I am and my husband is a Pastor here.'
She replied, 'Oh so you're a missionary?'
Me, 'Yes.'
Amy, 'Wow... so am I! We're with Campus Crusade for Christ.'

And from there we shared how each other was an answer to prayer, talked about our passion for reaching moms, learned a bit about each other, etc... all in 1hr! It was incredible. We even talked about starting to pray together. I'm just amazed and stunned at how God continues to open up doors in this way... I can't even begin to say how excited I was when we came home and to think about how this ministry will begin and how God will draw so many people to himself. SO exciting when you see God at work and join Him... okay can anyone tell me where that statement comes from? LOL (A bit of Experiencing God in there)

So now I'm just giddy thinking about ways to meet new ladies and I can't calm myself to do the things I need to get done this evening. :)

What a great day!!!!

Praise Him from Whom all Blessings flow!