Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm alive!

What a few weeks its been! I want to thank everyone for all the sweet emails and cards and I promise to get back to everyone but I'm having a hard time catching up.

What started as morning (why do they call it that when it happens all day? lol) sickness, quickly turned into the flu, bronchitis, and then an ear infection that perforated my ear drum. Thankfully I've recovered from the flu, bronchitis and ear infection (well almost)... but I'm still learning how to deal with the pregnancy issues. I still can't eat much and I never know what is going to hit me the wrong way but at least I can get out of bed! I'm a bit nervous about my hearing though as it's still very cloudy after almost 2 weeks but they keep saying it'll just take time. I'll go back next week for a hearing test and hopefully my final ENT appt.

Today I finally got to go to the Dr for the baby and I spent an hour and a half waiting to have them give me an appointment for feb 25 and tell me I need to go to another clinic to get some other paper. Ugh... all I want to know is that the baby is okay. I mean for half of the pregnancy so far, I have not been able to eat, I've had low sugar (why can't I think of the proper name?)... I've been on a variety of meds... etc. I just want to know that Baby Bob is healthy and now I have to wait another month. At least when I go I'll get to have an ultrasound.

So yes... I'm officially alive and moving, slowly... but moving. And speaking of moving, we move into our new place on friday! We are so excited but as many can understand... ready for this to be done. Poor Mike has had all the responsibility since I've not been able to move much but hopefully we'll have some help tom night to pack and the movers will be set to go on friday.

Thanks again for the well wishes!