Sunday, May 28, 2006

Downpours galore....

What a wonderful day it was today... despite the downpours! The morning started off absolutely wonderful when Mike was able to walk to church with us! That doesn't happen very often and what a joy it was to have that 7 minutes together. Children's church was wonderful (even though we had one little boy missing his daddy VERY much and our room reached like 100 million degrees). We had our stations today where we broke up into three groups and one group was told the story, another worked on the memory verse and the third combined both while colouring. It was a little chaotic I admit, but that's what happens when you have a small space. However.... all but two of the little ones said the memory verse AND BY THEMSELVES!!!!!!! I can't even begin to describe the joy in my heart while listening to these little ones quote God's word. You better believe I'm going to do this with Isabella the minute she can talk. Wow.... what a blessing! Next week begins our rotating teaching schedule and though I'm excited to attend the adult service, I'll miss the regular interaction with those children. They are all so precious.

Mike had a meeting and an oridination service after church today so it was me and Izzy for the afternoon. It was raining so hard we took a cab home... I know, I know (for those of you who know how close we live to the church) but it was a downpour and Mike was worried about Isabella getting sick. What fun it was to get in the cab and tell him where to go and then find out he went the wrong way! Even though he realized pretty quickly that he went the wrong way, we ended up pretty much in TST because he couldn't figure out how to turn around. Thankfully, he apologized and didn't charge me the extra fare. The great thing about an extra long ride though... he put Isabella to sleep. So I carried her straight into her room for a nap. LOL

We had our CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) evening with Dan and Geeta tonight which is always fun. They really made me feel good when they said... 'We're not super hungry but we wanted the fellowship.' After the things I've been struggling with... this was so sweet to hear. They are such a neat couple and I learned that Geeta and I have similar styles of cleaning. (LOL It was quite funny discussing this between the four of us.) Anyway...

I came home and finished up some elements for the mega kit at Liddy's Loft and now I'm off to bed. I went to bed rather early last night and I physically felt SO much better so I better stay above the game.

May you take a minute to worship the Lord this Sabbath Day!

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