Saturday, May 13, 2006


I was up way too late last night to blog so I decided to do a short post this morning.

The Bummer~

I'm bummed but a little relieved too that my designs will be delayed a bit. Liddy's Loft is out of work space right now and she's working on transfering everything to another server so nothing can be uploaded right now. That's okay though because it gives me a few more days to finish up some things and try some new ones. Be on the look out though... LOL


Yesterday we were out and about A LOT! I felt bad for Isabella because she was couped up in her stroller a bit although she rarely complains. I did take her to the park though and she walked ALL over the place and charmed everyone. This was the first day I got a comment (well at least from an Asian) that they couldn't believe she was almost a year and walking because she was 'so tiny'. Here are a couple cute pics that resulted from our day...

All smiles as usual

See I do have hair... it's just really, really light!

Walking with Daddy


That was pretty much our day. On my challenge board, I challenged the ladies to notice 3 blessings each day and post/scrap them. I don't normally list out my blessings but I decided to list them out today so here they are:

~Three sweet blessings of the day~
1. It was a gorgeous (but not too hot) day. A perfect day to spend a few hours at the park and just be outside. Sometimes it's just too hot and humid to want to be outside so I'm always grateful for days like yesterday.
2. Isabella was in great spirits and thoroughly enjoyed her time at the park just wandering around. And I really enjoyed watching her!
3. We were able to see Mike more than we usually do on a Friday. We got to have lunch with him and take a walk along the harbour before he headed out to the school.

Oh and can I vent for a minute... How in the world did Chris get voted off????? I was so disappointed! Now I'm really curious to see how is the next... American Idol. LOL

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