Friday, May 26, 2006

Still missin home...

So the 'mono' feelings (tired, achy, etc...) have been passed from Mike to me. No neither of us have or had mono but we've all been very worn out and achy. With Mike gone all day today, I decided to nap with Isabella and we both ended up sleeping for about 3 1/2hrs! Needless to say... we didn't do much else. We played outside for a bit but didn't make it to the pool. It wasn't very nice out anyway.

Isabella is trying to do so many things on her own now that are just adorable. She tries so hard to put on her socks and shoes and tonight she attempted to bathe herself. She doesn't want to be held anymore, doesn't want to hold our hand, and only eats what she can feed herself. Ahhh... the joys of growing up. LOL She's still a doll. Here are a few pics from playing outside.

I'm so proud of myself... I made it a full day without any soda! I know, I know... most people do this everyday but since I went back to the states, I got hooked on Coke Light and have been having a hard time giving it up. So one day down... 20 to go.

Well... I've got a headache but wanted to post these pictures because I just think she looks so cute. LOL These demonstrate her desire to squeeze into the wierdest places and climb everything. They also show off how I have to wear her pants on her. I have to fold down the waist because everythings too big!

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