Monday, May 29, 2006

Just the facts...

Brians Back~
Yeah... we had our family dinner tonight! Brian was in Burma backpacking so it was fun to have him back. He leaves soon to return to the states for seminary so we need to take advantage of our Monday nights. Isabella was a little hesitant at first but she quickly warmed up to him and before heading to bed... ran to him to give him a hug. It was sweet. Although Daddy didn't appreciate it when she chose to give Brian a hug over him. What little girls will do to get out of going to bed. LOL

Day off~
We had a very productive day today... cleaning! I know... fun day off but we SO needed to do it and now we can open our closet without fearing for our lives and walk into the bathroom without stepping in sand. We cleaned top to bottom, threw away a lot of unnecessary things, re-organized our kitchen and I went through all my clothes. It felt so good to have this major cleaning weeks (instead of days) before we will move. We don't have a lot but we've noticed that we have accumulated a few things since moving and decided to go through and spring clean. Speaking of moving... it's about that time where we can say... 'Yes we will move in mid-July' and not worry about a lease so now we getting serious about a flat. We have three options available to us right now so please pray that it all works out and God guides us to the perfect place.

A me moment~
I'm so proud of myself. I have successfully gone 4 days without SODA! This is a huge milestone for me. (Ok stop laughing!)

I forgot to mention a fun tid-bit about my daughter. At one year old she has gotten to experience some foods that most American babies have not. She has eaten (and enjoyed) chinese dumplings, fried rice, bbq pork, jellyfish (yes I said jellyfish) and hummus. In fact, she will lick the hummus off the cracker and hand me the cracker while pointing to the hummus for more. LOL

Ah... he's the greatest. He scrubbed the frig down for me today (among many other things) but this was quite the job that I have been putting off for weeks! LOL And he treated me to chai. We've decided that we have to find a babysitter so we can go sit at starbucks and have chai. We used to do this a lot in Toccoa and it was always a great time to just talk. So Hannah... we may add something to your requirements. (JK) LOL

Mike says I've been writing in a different style lately. He says I write, "just the facts." I guess I don't have any exciting stories to tell. Although I did read this in a magazine tonight....

"My 5yr old son likes to pick his nose and eat his boggers. Is this harmful?" I don't know... what do you think? LOL


Valgal said...

Ok, gross gross GROSS on the booger thing. My sons friend did that in church once and I gagged. No, don't think it's harmful (except for the person who's watching, lol!)

Rischa said...

That's so funny. I'm trying to go off of soda, too. Specifically Mountain Dew. I love the stuff, though, so it'll be hard. I actually wrote about it in my blog, too. lol
Umm...about the eating of the nostril buddies. I don't know if it's harmful, but it sure is nasty. lol It's something that all kiddos do at some point, though, so I would assume it isn't going to be harmful. :-P


JennStar said...

Harmful, no. Gross, yes!!
My friend used to tell her daughter that if she did that, worms would grow in her stomach. She stopped instantly. My son likes to tell me that they are growing inside him after he does it- it's how I know he just did it. Eww!

chloƩ said...

Lol on the boggers, so yummy! ;-) I love the fact that Isabella tastes a lot of different food, that definitely a great luck for her and she have much more opportunity to find yummy stuff she'll cook later! LOL, I'm hungry now (especially for hummus, love it too!)