Monday, July 28, 2008

Meal Time funnies

I am so far behind in my posts but I just had to write what happened at dinner tonight. Izzy was happy eating her veggie/fruit face but wanted nothing to do with the meat. I told her she needed to eat a few bites and I would get her some more eyes (grapes) and so she agreed. She ate 2 bites and then I put a third on her plate to eat while I got her some more grapes. When I came back the meat was gone so I gave her the grapes. A few minutes later, I went to use my napkin and low and behold... there was the meat. :) I looked at her and asked, 'Did you hide your meat in my napkin?' And she replied with the biggest grin, 'Yes!'
I guess I should have been upset but it just made me laugh. She's been a real ham lately...

Last night she pulled out the raft for the pool, climbed to the top of the steps and slid down. All I kept thinking about was Home Alone when the boy sleds down the stairs. She was having a blast.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sweet Izzy Story #7808

As Izzy is looking at a Barney's Easter Stories book...
"Once upon a time, Jesus came into this book and saw a big goldfish... a big, big fish."

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Izzy Stories part deux

Once upon a time, Jesus was in Hong Kong
And Dora was in Hong Kong
They said, 'Eseybody, come, come, come!'
Jesus said, 'Come too Dora'

I LOVE listening to Isabella tell stories! She's so creative. She loves to look at her books and tell us what's going on and I'm always impressed with how much she remembers about the different books. She can pretty much quote her Dora books and she loves to tell us stories about Jesus.

So after a great day yesterday, today was quite frustrating at school. So I treated myself to a Vanilla Coke and some ice cream when I got home and then took Izzy out for a swim. I swear if Baby Bob doesn't turn into a water lover than no baby will. :) While I'm not particularly enjoying the heat and pregnancy... I'm loving how much better swimming makes me feel. I may not look very pretty but it's so comfortable! LOL And we had a great time in the pool... we practiced all our numbers in every language and our colors in Cantonese. She was really excited about repeating what I said so it was fun to try new things.

Well... I've got lots of papers to mark so I better stop procrastinating.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hap Mun Beach

Burying Auntie Joan
Only in HK will someone swim with an umbrella and yes he was with us
Izzy at work

What a fun, fabulous day we had today! It was another public holiday so we had intentions of going cliff jumping/to the beach and while we did all that... we separated as a family. Cliff jumping is a bit of a hike and in 36 degrees I was a bit hesitant to go. I know how tired one can get after a full day in the sun and swimming without being pregnant and I didn't know how Izzy would actually do at the beach so I opted out of that fun adventure. Mike on the other hand took about 18 people with him and had a blast jumping, swimming and hanging out.

Joan invited Izzy and I to go with Aff (alliance filipino fellowship) to a different beach and since it was just a ferry ride... I figured if Izzy ended up hating the beach it would be a lot easier to head home. Plus Izzy loves these ladies and I thought it would be a fun opportunity to get to know them better.

(Just some background info... Izzy has been afraid of the sand since well since birth pretty much... she is just now getting used to sand, dirt and grass... ah the joys of HK. But alas... she did awesome!)

It took her about 20/30 minutes to convince her to go into the water with her tube but once she tried it, I couldn't get her out for hours. After about 2hrs I forced her to get out and sit in the shade for a bit but after about 20 minutes she was begging to go back in. It was a gorgeous day and it was just so much fun.

It's very difficult for me to get to know many people at church because we only see each other on Sunday's and often I'm running after Isabella or doing something for Children's Church but this group (aff) is awesome and I love these ladies. They are so supportive, encouraging, helpful, willing, etc... Their lives always amaze me (things they've dealt with, sacrifices they've made, etc) but their hearts for the Lord and passion for serving Him are incredible. I was talking with one lady and I was commenting on how the only day they get off is often filled with church activities and how I often wonder if that bothers them or is disappointing that they can't explore life in HK more and she said she wouldn't trade it. She loves being involved and she loves being at church. She's even told her employer that she cannot take away her Sunday's. It was the day promised to her and she needs to be at church. How many of us would willingly spend our entire day off at church.. and not just fellowshipping with friends but having responsibilities?

It was just another slight reminder from God of blessed I am. I feel so honored to be living and serving Him in such a diverse cultural setting. While I miss my family... it's hard to want to give something like this up.

On a very funny side note... this is a picture of what we've begun growing in our bedroom. Mike said he wanted to start an herb garden but I guess we'll settle for this! LOL No actually, please pray that we can get this problem of dampness and mold out of our house as we have two very sensitive people to mold and a baby on the way.