Wednesday, May 03, 2006

little bit country... little bit rock n' roll

Not so much country or rock n' roll but it is a little of this and a little of that.

Is it possible for a child to go from baby to little girl overnight? I spent the majority of today just staring and watching her. Everything about her... her looks, her actions... screamed 'little girl.' She's walking all over the place, she's figured out her little cup, she ate 2 pieces of chicken from KFC (LOL), she waved on cue, she's getting more teeth, her tiny little hands and feet are not so tiny anymore. I'm so excited to celebrate her 1st birthday. Even though she'll have no recollection of it, I want her to know how special and loved she is. We'll be having a party for her on the rooftop of a family's in the church. They were so gracious to let us borrow their home and I know she'll just love being around everyone. We went with Winnie the Pooh as the theme and it will be fun to prepare the cake and decorations.

Not too much happened today because of the rain but I did manage to get my contacts and yes we both (me and the optometrist) checked the prescription before I left. LOL I also picked up a few books at the malls 'book fair' and our laundry. They must have been working on our pipes again today so no water for us. That was okay because it forced (ha ha) us to go out for dinner. We just went to a little french restaurant but I got to have some chocalate fodue with strawberries, kiwi, and marshmallows! It was so wonderful.

Last night~
We had our friend Chris over for dinner last night and had some very thought provoking conversation. I've been struggling big time with 'How is it possible that sometimes we cannot see our sin when it's VERY obvious to others?' We talked through this but it still frustrates and scares me. I guess that's why it's SO important to have people in your life who can be honest with you and have an open heart and mind to both those people and God so that you can see who you really are.

I think I'm on to Thursday. We spent the morning relaxing by the beach and pool... sipping on our fruity drinks. LOL

That afternoon we hired a driver to take us to Hua Hin, the city about 45 minutes away. We planned an elephant ride first and then off to the city for some more shopping and enjoying the night culture.

The elephant ride was not as exciting as I anticipated. I never really put two and two together to realize how slow an elephant would be and so I expected to see quite a bit but we bascially just rode around in a circle. We did see a cool view of the city and ocean as well as riding through a swamp where we saw an crocodile just as we were about to enter the water. (Yikes!) On our way back into the city we saw a monestary and some monks which was pretty neat. The sweetest thing that happened that night (yeah.. I know I have priorities) is we took a Tuk Tuk

down to a real mall and found a DQ!!!!!! If you don't know me very well... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Dairy Queen and no ice cream in HK even compares to DQ. It was a party in my mouth! Oh what a tastey treat.

Okay... let me clean up my drool and move on. We hit the night market again and picked up some more goodies and then headed back to Dolphin Bay. We made it back just in time for some dinner. Mike and I enjoyed dinner as a couple because Isabella was already asleep.

More tomorrow....

So I've become an American Idol fan and so has Isabella. It's so fun to see her dancing to the music but I've also noticed that she has her own favorites too, Chris and Paris (at least tonight). LOL

I've added a few more details to my challenge so check them out if you're going to play along.

I entered a scrapping contest just for fun and here is my first LO. I can't post it anywhere else until the contest is over so I thought I'd let you see a peak this way. LOL

Okay... I think I've said enough. I'll close with Isabella's birthday invitation... the front of it anyway.

(I apologize if there are a few spellings errors. My spell check is not working tonight.)


Margie said...

I love your layout for the contest!! It's really awesome!

Deena said...

Your layout is gorgeous, i hope we both make it to round two!! :)

Thailand, now that's a dream!!

Great Pics!!