Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Elmo, SpongeBob, and Blue

Mike surprised Izzy and I by asking some of the youth to do some painting in our flat. Aren't they talentend???? Wow.. I was blown away at how alive they made Izzy's room. Izzy walked in and said, 'ELMO, SpongeBob, and BLUE!' It was too cute. Then she insisted on putting on her raincoat and boats and grabbing her umbrella because that's what Elmo was wearing and she needed some apple juice because SpongeBob had some. Too cute.

Mike even had Ben paint, 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.' above our doorway (I forgot to take a pic so I'll have to take one today and post tomorrow.) It looks wonderful!

I'm just super excited at how our flat is finally coming together and looking like a home. Mike even put up our shelves and I've been busy cleaning and reorganizing things so we have plenty of room. Anyway... I just had to share these pictures because I'm so impressed.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's SO GOOD to be home!!!!

Well, we survived and made it safely home last evening. Isabella was full of energy but finally gave into sleep about 6hrs before landing. She was really great though... even counted to 10 in Cantonese for me! So THANK YOU for your prayers as they were felt, especially about 2hrs into the long flight where I was getting really tired (but of course not Izzy) and my energy just bounced right back and when the couple sitting in front of me stuck around to help me get my bags and out to Mike.

We got home and I was just exhausted... couldn't seem to keep my eyes awake so Mike took Izzy on a run and I feel asleep immediately. We waited until about 10 to put her down but it didn't seem to matter. Sleeping the last hours of the flight weren't the best. She was up about 2 and the last time I looked at the clock it was after 5 so sadly, this meant.. not a lot of sleep last night and we didn't make it to church. I was so disappointed but on top of not sleeping, I had the beginning of a migraine and my return to Asian food didn't settle well. LOL

So anyway... for those of you who were wondering, we made it safely and it's SO GOOD TO BE HOME!!! Mike had the best gift waiting for Izzy. I'll show pictures later but for now...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Please don't say it...

The Alliance Women of Dover are such amazing women! I was so honored to be able to share with them while at home but one comment was made that as Mom and I left, I snickered. One woman told me that she appreciated that while I shared prayer requests and struggles, I was content and happy about where God has us right now. And then she said that it seems that we are comfortable there.

And when she said 'comfortable,' I cringed. Not at all because of her but because it seems that when Mike and I have finally become comfortable in a place to where we feel like we fit in, getting around is easy, the ministry seems to be going well, etc... God saids, 'Okay... time to step out of that comfort zone.' and we've moved.

So I joking told my MIL that no one was allowed to say that because I wasn't ready for any drastic changes. lol

Now I'm not at all saying we're moving, nor do we want to... it was just funny that she said that. Mainly because I don't think I would ever say that Hong Kong is my comfort zone because there is still so much to learn in so many ways and secondly I just don't want to move. :)

So anyway... just a funny story to me that I wanted to remember.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Go Steelers

just had to say that i'm sitting at my sisters, wearing a steelers jersey, watching my second pre-season game with my fam... ahh life is good. LOL The only thing that would be better... having Mike with us too. Love and miss ya hot stuff!!!