Saturday, May 06, 2006


Some people really know how to bless your day! I received the sweetest words today in an email that I will keep in my 'box of encouragment' forever. Thanks Katie... love and miss you too girl.

We started our day with breakfast at the Flying Pan, an American style 24hr hole in the wall restaurant. They have incredible food so I enjoyed some french toast with strawberries and whipped cream (Mike the same) and Isabella had toast. This girl is addicted to bread. My fault I know because it's one of the easiest, cleanest foods to allow her to eat by herself so I can eat in peace. I guess I've used it too often... now it's hard to get her to eat much of anything else. LOL

Talk about no food in the house... we had also ate out for lunch. Nothing fancy, just McDonalds but it was fun because we ate outside and dinner was fend for yourself. LOL

Tomorrow's week 2 of the new Children's Church set-up and I have a few fun things up my sleeve. One answer to prayer is that someone offered to pay for a carpet for the room! This is wonderful because although the floor is clean, it looks VERY dirty and uninviting. Now we just need a few more toys. I'll head up to the nursery to see if there's anything we can 'borrow.' LOL

Oh the most exciting thing happened (well almost happened) today... we were looking for a store on our way home from breakfast and ran into a camera shop. We stopped to see if they had a remote for my camera and a lens I've been dying to get. No remote but they told us we could get the lens within 1/2hr! I was so pumped... I've been dreaming about this for at least a month now. Turns out... their suppliers were closed due to good ole Buddha but I can get it on Monday! I'm SOOOOO excited. Happy Mother's Day/Anniversary/Birthday to me! Yeah!

Because I've been lacking in my inspiring thoughts (LOL) I've decided to throw out a challenge... Katie just made my day today with her sweet words so I challenge you to make someone's day but dropping them a note, email, e-card, whatever you desire and make their day.

~May you find joy in what you do today~

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Margie said...

Wonderful that you got carpet for the Nursery!! God is so good!!