Thursday, May 25, 2006

Taylor's the MAN!

Today was a hard day. I was really homesick and I'm not totally sure why but as stupid as it will sound, I think it had to do with American Idol being over. This is the only show (that I'm aware of) that is current in both the states and here in HK. Sounds silly but I love knowing that I'm watching the same thing as my family and on occassion (like today for the AI finale) actually watching at the same time. Just makes me feel a bit closer to home but today the distance hit me when I called my sister and while we were both watching the same thing... she was getting her girls ready for bed and I was getting ready for the day. And I've enjoyed watching Taylor's story and seeing Birmingham again. Sigh... I guess I'll always have moments of homesickness for every where that we've served. We've built a lot of great relationships in all three places and they will always remain dear to my heart no matter what struggles we experienced.

But anyway... YEAH for Taylor! I know many are not a fan of his, and he may not become the next Kelly but I've sure enjoyed him. He's so entertaining and I loved that he didn't change who he was to win. I've never been a big fan of this show but I just loved this season and the finale was awesome. I've enjoyed it so much I've watched it 2 times already and will probably have it on again tomorrow morning. (They repeat everything that was on in the evening the following morning. LOL) I think my passion for music is returning... I just loved listening to all the different artists.

I met a Russian lady today with a three month old. It was fun to chat for a little but sometimes I really struggle with understanding what is being said with all the different accents. (I have a loss of hearing and I think that plays a huge part.) Isabella also made some new friends today and has been so great about sharing her little bike. It makes lots of noise so all the little ones want to play too but she doesn't mind. I hope I can teach her to share at an early age.

I've been struggling lately with my eating habits so I've made a commitment tonight to return to eating healthy and cut down on my caffeine intake. I've heard that it takes 21 days to break a habit and so I'm going to cut out caffeine for the next 21 days and see if I can stop drinking soda altogether.

I finally made a lo tonight... feel like it's been forever. I wanted to keep it simple and just show off how beautiful Isabella is. Here it is:

And here's a photo from the beach yesterday. I was surprised how much she ended up enjoying the sand and didn't eat any of it!

Oh and how could I forget... My Best Friend in MN is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOO excited for her. Bummed that I can't be there to watch her grow but... How fun! Another Fischer in the house!

Okay... need to get to bed. Tomorrow's Mike's busy day so it's just me and Izzy and hopefully the pool!

Hope you are able to find joy in all that God has for you today!


Andrea* said...

Great LO! Fun photos on the side like that! And hey! I didn't know you have a hearing loss... learn something new every day!

Mike said...

well, it looks like i can comment again! woo hoo!
thanks for your perspective on home. you have such an amazing heart and love for God and I admire that! I love you!

Tara said...

aww these pics and LOs are so adorable!!