Friday, May 05, 2006

Buddha's Birthday

My heart is really confused right now. I wish I could just pour out my feelings but that wouldn't be appropriate. So instead, I'll ask for prayer... so would you please pray for me today?

Mike had another day off this week thanks to good ole Buddha! LOL We had lunch at Outback and the youth over for some fun. We had a great turn out about 12 students. 12 students, the two of us, and a very active 11 month old... makes for a very crowded flat! But it's so worth it. Those kids work so hard during the week (and even on weekends) on school work that they need a chance to just relax and have fun.

I've been so focused on creating a scrapbook of our trip that I haven't done much else in my free time. I need to get back to reading because I feel that I've stopped pushing myself and I have no thought provoking questions or really any thoughts to share. Makes for a boring blog... I'll have to work on that. LOL

So here are some layouts I made in the past few days... I even created some of the elements on those lo's!

Oh yeah how could I forget... Mike started a new blog that you must check out!!!!!!!! He's a deeper thinker than me and offers a lot of wisdom. Drop him a note if you stop by!

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