Monday, May 22, 2006

Where do I begin....

We had a blast yesterday at Isabella's party but I'm happy that it's over. I feel like now I can rest and enjoy some quality time with her because for the past week I've been busy planning, shopping, preparing for this party and letting her entertain herself at times. I HATE doing that... I would much rather be on the floor with her making her giggle and smile.

Anyway... our 'rooftop' party was cancelled as it poured ALL day long! I couldn't believe it and I felt awful that we had to invade the home of this gracious couple. But they were awesome, didn't mind at all, and provided a lot more than I ever expected them too.

Here's a funny story (okay.. not so funny at the time but I can relax and laugh now). The wife of this couple wanted to treat us to lunch before the party so we met her and two other couples at a Chinese restaurant about 1pm. (Reminder... the party was to start at 3) We begin eating and continue to eat and she continues to order more food. It's now about 2:45 and I'm starting to panic. At 3:05 we finally get into the car to leave and arrive at the party about 3:30! I'm so grateful that everyone was so laid back and didn't mind our late arrival but I was almost in tears. I must admit that I had one of those moments that if I could have jumped on a plane to the states... I would have. But I had to keep reminding myself that this is what living in a different culture is about... learning to adjust to their ways and not mine. We had a few people tease us but that really helped me to lighten up and let go.

So once we got there, (and set everything up) we had a great time. Isabella had a ball roaming every where and playing with all the little ones. She had no idea this party was for her but she loved the attention. We ate some snacks, played some games, had cake, and opened her presents. I also set up (well Chris actually set it up) a slide show of some pictures of her throughout this past year. It was a lot of fun and great to be with our 'HK Family.'

I made a layout of Isabella through the months and we had everyone sign a birthday wish on the matte. This opened our eyes to how loved Isabella really is by everyone. Albert (the host) wrote, "Will reserve the roof every 3rd Sunday in May for you as long as you are in HK." Nicole wrote, "I love you Izzy." Becky wrote, "I was so lucky to be a part of your 1st birthday party." There were many, many more sweet comments that brought tears to me eyes as I read them. I feel very blessed to have some many people supporting and loving us here in HK.

Back to the party... Isabella didn't dive into her cake (cupcake) like I thought she would but the highchair was a bit big and swallowed her. She did eat it ALL and finished with a face full (and arms) of icing.

She's still not into opening gifts but she did enjoy picking up the clothes and looking at them. Yikes! She's into fashion already. LOL She got some great gifts... some books (she LOVES to read)
, some clothes, her first Chinese dress, a beautiful necklace with her Chinese Zodiac sign, and some toys. She got a grocery cart with some groceries in it that she's been playing with constantly.

It really was a wonderful day and I'm glad that despite all the uniqe things that happened (why does this always happen to us? the stories we have to share about our wedding... now Izzy's party? HI YA the Chinese way to say 'Oh My') we did this for her (or me as some would say.) It'll be something we'll cherish for the rest of our lives.

My baby's 1! This past year has been amazing. Watching her change each month has been so fun but I was told that I have a lot to look forward too. Our neighbor said.. 'Just wait. She'll soon be talking off your ear!" I know she'll have lots of quesitons and lots of 'whys' but I really look forward to that.

Happy Birthday Baby Doll!

If you'd like to see more pictures click here


Stephanie said...

I love her crown! So sweet. ;) Sounds like a fabulous 1st birthday party. Nothing better than feeling loved. :)

JB and Iris said...

So glad she had a great birthday! Can't believe our babies are already so big! Time has certainly flown by! I'd love to see the pics on your website, but the pages keeps coming up with an error? Let me know if it's working and it's just our Russian connection (big possiblity) b/c I'm dying to see your little princess' party! Oh- she and Gavin have matching wheels!HIS and HERS! ( My brother sent the same Ride On toy for Gavin's birthday- only it's a winnie the pooh train!)