Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ENT Update

Last Friday, I had a much anticipated ENT appointment. The previous one occurred when I was in my early 2nd trimester with Isaiah and that's when they agreed to test for my balance/motion sickness issues. Though they wouldn't allow for testing until after I had him and it turned out that I didn't get tested until this past September. The testing reported all things normal and the way public health goes here.... if there's not something serious, you basically get put at the back of the line which is why it's Feb and I'm just now seeing the Dr about the results.

So I walk into the appointment and the Dr has this dumbstruck look on his face and the first words out of his mouth are, "You haven't given birth yet?" I think he was a bit confused until he looked at his computer and realized that it has been almost 2yrs since I last saw him. He begins to discuss my results and tells me that I struggle with motion sickness and that I need to take medicine and look out the window more when in vehicles. I looked at him and politely said that I do those things, that I have tried everything ever suggested and that it's not a simple case of motion sickness when I can't be in a room with blinds, when even a quick motion with my head makes me nauseous, or when a simple moving of my glasses causes me to stop in my tracks. I don't think he agreed with me but was willing to make me happy and sent me down to physiotherapy for an evaluation, with the warning that again I would get put on the waiting list and probably wouldn't get in until May or June.

So I must praise God for this... an answer to prayer! It just goes to show that God does answer prayer but not necessarily in your timing. (I've been praying about this for almost 2yrs now) But anyway.... I went down to phsyio and met with a man to discuss my issues and the treatment I've had before. He was a bit more concerned (saying it could be a bit more serious and related to the brain rather than inner ear) and hooked me up with an appointment 'before the new year!'

Today I went in for my evaluation and the lady was wonderful. She did some basic tests and agreed that I would need more than standing up/laying down training. She said we'd have at least 10 sessions and then go from there. But she is also concerned about doing too much while I'm pregnant because she doesn't want me to lose balance and fall or anything like that. So I'm starting with two basic exercises at home for 2 weeks and then I will see her again and schedule future appointments.

I'm SO excited! Just the thought of riding the bus into town without the need to throw up is very exciting. I must thank everyone for their prayers and would ask that you would continue to pray that these sessions will be as effective as they were in the past.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Full Days and Goose eggs

Buddy chasing the recorded birds, wondering where they went.

Isabella's first full day went really well. I was a nervous wreck all day but was so grateful to see her smiling and the teachers so eager to tell me about all that she did and how much they enjoyed having her.

I was worried that she wouldn't eat lunch (being it's a Chinese school the food is obviously all Chinese and Izzy can be quite picky) but her teachers eagerly told us she ate 2 bowls of the rice dish (which happened to be black bean and tofu) and when I asked her, she said she liked it.

I was worried about 'nap time' as Izzy does not nap at home and they don't allow looking at books. She loved rest time. She loved the little cots (her exact words were, 'They were hard beds Mom but I liked it!') and actually slept. One of the other worries was that she would sleep and then take forever to sleep at bedtime.... but she was asleep at night within 15 minutes of putting her to bed.

I was worried about what children she would play with as I didn't know if she would be kept with the students in her class. She came home telling me about a little girl (who couldn't say her full name) who was very nice to her that she played with.

I was worried that she would complain about the day being too long, I was worried that she would beg not to do that again... I was just plain worried and at the same time sad to realize that in such a short time, she'll be in school all day, everyday. But alas... she didn't complain about anything. In fact, the only remotely negative comment was when I asked her if she'd like to do it again she said, 'Only if it's dress day.' But after explaining to her why we chose that day (they help her with her Chinese homework) she was totally okay.

I was SO proud of her... I can't even express how relieved I felt when she was smiling and joyful and anxious to call Daddy and tell him about her day. But my heart was sad to have her gone all day so I think for now, we'll just stick to one day a week. :)

After we picked her up, I took the kids to the playground where Buddy chased birds (and birds on recording) and Izzy ran around like a crazy girl. Then we came home and played in the bathtub, had dinner and then all crashed.

Today was a normal day... work/school in the morning, playing in the afternoon, dinner and something new we've started with Izzy... Izzy time (after Buddy goes to bed doing something with just Mommy and Daddy.) We are still pretty concerned about her confidence so we are trying to find ways to build her up and let her know how special she is to us.

The evening started quite eventful as Mike and Isaiah were playing catch and in an attempt to beat Daddy to the ball, he took a plunge off the couch. His teeth are still in tack (something I always check first after Izzy's incident) but he has a golf ball sized goose egg on his head. He seemed pretty shook up at first but soon calmed down to let us ice it, while he soothed his achy gums on some ice as well. After we got him settled and back to himself, we put him to bed and pulled out Zingo to play with Izzy. She's actually had this game for quite a while but she is not into playing games so we've never played. Tonight however was a different story. She had a blast and really enjoyed it, as did the adults. :)

I'm thankful that tomorrow is Friday because it means one week closer to meeting Princess Lily Bob... I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow! I also have an ENT appointment in which I'm hoping they'll discuss my results from my tests in September and offer me some physical therapy for my balance/motion sickness issues.

Buddy's goose egg.