Sunday, January 31, 2010

32 Weeks and Counting

It feels SO good to say that I am 8 months pregnant and to know I've only got 2 more months max, to go. This by far has been the easiest and most enjoyable pregnancy. (Izzy was easy up until we found out that we were moving across the world. Then chaos set in.) I've loved being able to stay active and to continue running, though our gym is not being renovated so I've stopped running (too embarrassed to run on the road this big) and instead am walking about 2 miles everyday which has been great anyway because I'm starting to have some lower back pain and loosening issues that make getting around later in the day fun to watch. I've enjoyed watching my belly grow and be relatively normal size though I am still self-conscious in comparison to the Chinese women.

But today was not an exciting one for me... I had my usual appointment and while I knew I snacked on sweets a bit more than normal over the past 3 weeks, I wasn't expecting the weight gain (I weigh myself every morning in hopes of controlling it) that the Dr's scale showed. So I knew I was in for a lecture on eating habits. But while that was depressing, what upset me more was that in a 3 week period, my stomach went from normal size to measuring 2 weeks ahead. Yikes... all I could think about was: did that happen from the extra sweets or is Princess Lily Bob turning out to be a big one too? I DESPERATELY do NOT want to have to undergo another c-section. The thought of 5 days away from my babies, months of recovery and not feeling like myself, and the 1st time you sit up after the surgery... literally make me want to cry. The nurse said not to worry yet, that she didn't feel my stomach was too far off to be concerned and that at 36 weeks, I'll have a more thorough exam with the Dr to discuss the baby's size. But she did suggest watching my diet and not eating sweets. Be pregnant and not eat sweets???!!! She must be crazy... oh no wait, she's Chinese and they don't like sweets. No problem for her, me on the other hand. Ugh.... but I will do anything I can to prevent a big baby and necessary c-section so Mike was a very gracious and loving husband and went out after dinner to by one of my favorite desserts as a 'last dessert' until Princess arrives. I went 40wks without Coke with Izzy... I can do this, I CAN do this... oh please let these weeks fly by.

So here I am at 32 weeks... wish I had a comparison to 32 weeks with Isaiah but I don't think I even want to go there.
Like my new hair cut? It's really nice to have something so simple and easy to do... many think curly hair is easy and to some degree it is but I really enjoy not having to mousse up my head each day and waking up looking somewhat normal.

I'm starting to get a bit nervous about the arrival of Princess Lily Bob. We've been struggling a bit with Isabella... a bit of willful disobedience, fighting with Isaiah, being demanding, etc... She doesn't want to listen but then when we have to discipline her, she's terribly sensitive. She's begun to run and hide in her room or constantly apologizing for little things. My heart just aches because I feel like I've failed her in some way and have hurt her confidence. Her personality is becoming a bit more like mine and thus we tend to butt heads a bit. I'm trying to be extra sensitive to her needs while building her up. We did adjust her bedtime and she now goes to sleep after Isaiah which has seemed to help... I think it helps her feel like a 'big girl' staying up later than him and we got her a CD player in which she listens to 'Indescribable' on repeat all night. Gotta love your child's favorite song being one that praises God.
We've also begun piano lessons and I'm trying to do some special things with just her but I worry how she'll respond, especially the first few months, when the baby arrives and I have to nurse and tend to her. Please pray for wisdom for Mike and I as well as for her. I pray that she would commit her life to the Lord and that her confidence would be in Him, even at her age.

The weather's been a bit crazy here the past month.... hot, cold, very cold, rainy.... This was a warmer but rainy day and she and Buddy went out to play in the puddles.

Isaiah is just as crazy as always. He is such a boy... not interested in anything but balls, wheels and tires. Well that and food. He's recently started undressing himself during nap time. We find him with arms out, socks off (and often tucked away in his shirt), sleepers unzipped, and on occasion diaper off (though I learned my lesson quite quickly on that one). He's such a helper, always wanting to sweep and vacuum. He likes to fold and put away his clothes too. He's not into getting his hands dirty though... doesn't like to finger paint or crumbs left on his hands. He's signing quite a bit now and climbing everything. Today I caught him on the ladder to our little loft library area. We have to keep an eye on him at all times. He loves to be outside and explore and he LOVES animals and will just sit on the ground next to a dog or cat and watch it. At times it's so hard to believe that he's not 18 months yet but at the same time I can't believe that he'll be 18 months at the end of the month. I hate to see him and Izzy growing.... if only they could stay small forever.

Here he is after his morning nap.... the sock is indeed tucked into the onsie. Though he always makes me smile when I go in to get him and I'll ask, "Isaiah, where's your socks?" He just looks at me with a big smile, then turns his hands palms facing upwards as he says, "I don't know Mom, they just disappeared." I imagine we've got some fun, fun days ahead.

Tomorrow we are starting Izzy in a full day at school. Just once a week is the plan but we'll see how the day goes. It was suggested that we get her a Chinese Tutor if we intend to keep her in local school for a few more years or she'll behind already so when we discussed it with her teacher.... we found out it costs about 10$ US to add the extra afternoon or about 25/30$ US for a 1hr private tutor... hmmm easy decision. At school they will help her with her Chinese and Chinese homework, plus she'll be exposed more. We've been talking it up all day and she seems quite excited about eating lunch at school. Please pray it goes well!

See this is what happens when I take a month hiatus on blogging... I've got too much say. Well off to bed!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Rooftop Lunch at the Taylor's

Back to school today... didn't start off so well but that's to be expected on 1) a Monday and 2) pants day. But we picked up a happy, cheerful little girl which again is the norm. Isaiah learned to climb Izzy's ladder in her room (now we really can't leave him anywhere for a sec) while Izzy was at school but while I know it means more craziness at home, it was cute to watch him.

In the afternoon, we were invited to the Taylor's rooftop for lunch and an afternoon of relaxing. It was a beautiful, warm day and nice to spend with the AIC staff. Joan, the kids and I decided to walk home and shortly after we got home, Hannah arrived!

We've had some great days to start off 2010... looking forward to what lies ahead!

Enjoying our lunch

Buddy liked the dogs but they were just after his food...
Auntie Dorie and the kiddos