Thursday, May 18, 2006


First I need to post this for Grandma Rose...

She gave us this stool when she moved into her current apartment because as a little boy, Mike would put his head on it and fall asleep. It's always fun for me to see things passed down in families and was thrilled to be given this. Now, I've mentioned that Isabella is a climber and she's been trying so hard to get onto our couch without luck. She has learned though that all she needs to do is push this stool over to the couch and climb up. But that's not all that she does with it... she thinks it's fun to flip it over and sit inbetween the legs. This is a pretty regular occurance in our days and makes me smile that she's getting just as much enjoyment out of this little stool as her daddy did.

My baby is ONE! Where did the time go? We had so much fun celebrating this special day. We were bummed that Daddy had to work but I made sure we did everything she loves to do. We went swimming, took a walk, played at the playground and she did some people watching as I picked up some groceries. Once Daddy got home, we had dinner, opened presents, went outside for her to try out her new wheels, and back inside for her 'cake' (or brownie.) Finished with a bath and lights out. She was pooped! I spent a lot of today just staring at her, reflecting on this past year. I'm amazed at how she has changed and developed. I can't believe that a year ago, I was so afraid to be alone with her, touching her back every night before heading to bed to make sure she was breathing, and worrying about everything I did as a mother. I can't believe a year ago she was only 7lbs 11oz, getting lost in her Daddy's arms. Now she's a ball of energy, full of personality, a charmer, my 'monkey', Daddy's 'peaches'... I could go on and on and probably will for the next few days as I continue to reflect and show off the pictures we took today and the ones we'll take on Sunday. She's been such a blessing to our family. She came in perfect timing... truly a gift from God.

Our little birthday Princess
Peeking through for smiles
Charming the park workers... I absolutely love knowing our daughter is so friendly. She found this hole in the gate and peeked through to talk to all the workers behind. It was just precious!
Taking my new wheels for a walk.
She'll be having cake at her party on Sunday but I wanted her to have something on her birthday so we had brownies.


Charlene said...

Happy first birthday, Isabella!! What a little sweetie!
It's bittersweet, isn't it? Where did the year go? Can you believe how much she's learned (and how much you've learned!!)?? Hard to believe we have a one-year old daughter :)
Isabella is a real sweetie and I love seeing the pictures of her!

Andrea* said...

Happy Birthday Monkey Peaches!! Melissa, you should post a before an after pic! One of the day she was born, and today's pic! I'd love to see the change!

Angela said...

Happy birthday, Isabella! My girls did the same thing with stools when they were babies!

Deanna said...

SWEET!!!!! happy birthday to isabella!!!

i love birthday pics....cant wait to see more on Sunday!....have fun!!!!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

your photos are just too sweet for words! tfs

Stephanie said...

So sweet! It sounds like you made her 1st birthday very special.

Margie said...

What a sweet birthday girl!! Haven't been able to keep up too well with your blog since being back in the states so it was nice to see your pretty baby pictures :)