Monday, January 09, 2006

What a great day!

God is so great is providing the things we need and He knew I needed a lift after the weekend I had. What an incredible day it was. Nothing major happened... but I felt God's love and He gave me such joy in the little things.

Monday's are my favorite days. I love having the family together and exploring our new home. Today our goal was finding Isabella a new bathing suit. So off to the Fa Yuen street market in Mongkok we went. We took a different route to the market this time and it took some walking to find what we were looking for. But I must say it was nice to explore and find our way on our own. We left Mongkok feeling much more comfortable with this part of the city. In fact, we ran into another market, a North Face store, and another great mall that had a Mountain Hardwear store which thrilled Mike.

Anyway... we were very successful in our shopping endevors which was an added blessing. In fact, on top of getting her a swimsuit we found a great place to by any type of nut (they are very pricey in the grocery stores), we were able to pick up some Chinese New Year candy, Mike found his pack for his hiking trip and I found a great pair of jeans. Material things yes... but special treats to us when you've been desiring these things but having a hard time finding what you need. There's no such thing as Walmart here and you have to explore each store to find all the things you could find in one place back in the states. I often mention the malls that we explore but I must remind you these are no ordinary malls. Most stores in these malls are way out of our price range. You'll run into stores like Louis Vuitton, Armani, and the likes. So while it seems that everything is available to us... it may be but it definitely comes at a price. Something we are not used to.

The day continued to get better by the minute. Isabella waved for the first time at least we're pretty sure it was a wave and the recipient was a random man on the elevator but he was impressed and thrilled to know it was her first time.

Our evening was full of fellowship with friends. We had four people over plus a baby (which is a lot for the size of our flat) and it was great to chat over great food and brownies...yes brownies again. lol Isabella was so cute trying to play with Lillian and it was just like having family with us. I can't even begin to tell you how much I needed this fellowship and I believe it was a gift from God.

It was a great day no doubt but I'm tired and need to start getting to bed earlier. Blessings to all.

Oh and... Sarah~knowing that you care that much really made my day! Looking forward to seeing you in Feb.

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¤ kate ¤ said...

Melissa! Hey! This is kt p! i have a blog too! ! yaya but yeah im super excited to see you in feb! it'll be amazing! :D ttyl and tell mike about my blog too :D love you