Saturday, January 21, 2006

An experiment

There are some really cool things about HK... having your groceries delivered, having the choice to eat any type of food from any culture, eating a mango flavored ice cream cone, paying $1 for a McFlurry (can you tell I like ice cream?), market shopping, etc but I must say... is there any other place in the world that you can have McDonald's delivered to your door (or KFC for that matter but it's pretty nasty here.) I was desperate for Isabella to get her naps in today because we were heading out for the evening but I was also desperate for some food and our kitchen was empty.... so I tried something new. I ordered McDonald's for delivery. Didn't know if they'd speak English or after breathing a sigh of relief when they did, if I would end up with the right food (we've had several experiences where we ordered, went home only to find the wrong food) but the adventure turned out quite well. What a little blessing to know we can successfully order McDonald's when there's nothing in the flat but we're too tired to go out and not a lot of money to spend. Ahhh.. The little things.

On another note: We were invited to a 'Fellowship' group this evening (aka small group) with several other couples. Mike was the guest speaker and Isabella and I were there to learn. It was great! I got to know a few other people in the church and one couple had a little boy 11 days younger than Isabella. How fun! Mike did fabulous as always... I'm always so proud of him and God spoke to my heart about relationships with others and how we are to be loving and not expect anything in return. That's hard for me because when I put my heart out there, I like a response but I was reminded that God sent His Son to die for me and there are times I don't take the time for Him. How can I expect anything from others when I do the same thing to God? This is a truth that I've learned before but the reminder was in perfect timing! God always knows what and when we need to be reminded of things and this was such an encouragement to my heart.

Another blessing that came from this evening......... (I know you all are waiting...) A TEACHER for 2/3's!!!!!!!!!! PTL PTL PTL
I can't even begin to tell you how much I needed this bit of encouragement! So we're back to 3 with the potential of 1 more and this new teacher insists she can get a few more! WOW... I've been so stressed about the state of this ministry and finally said... OK God, I have to put this in YOUR hands and look what has happened. See what we do to ourselves when we try to do things on our own! GOD YOU ARE AWESOME!

Well... the day looked shabby when I rolled out of bed at 7am (SO not used to getting up this early) but tonight as I write this, I'm just blessed beyond words. I've said this before but... How do people survive without God in their lives? Who do they credit when awesome things happen? Hmmmmm.... off to think about this some more.

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Margie said...

How exciting to be serving the Lord in Hong Kong!! That's pretty cool about having your food delivered. Quite an experience. I pray the best for you and your family :)