Friday, January 13, 2006


My ear has continued to get worse so Isabella and I stayed home today just enjoying each others company. It was fun to just watch her explore our flat and giggle at her toys. At bath time, she just stood next to the tub giggling as the water filled up. How precious she is. I put her to bed and began working on some details for 2/3 Children's Church and that's when my heart just sank. I have such a passion for this ministry... such an idea of what it should look like but I'm stuck. I'm desperate for commitment from others who want to see this ministry succeed. I'm desperate for teachers, space, materials.... When I have a plan, I want to go, go, go but for some reason God's saying No, No, No and I'm not sure why. I'm at a loss right now... but being at a loss isn't always bad. It makes me place it in God's hands and trust Him for guidance and wisdom. He knows best and I'll wait on Him. That's all I can do. Pray... it all starts there anyway.

Speaking of prayer... please pray for Mike. He injured his knee today and tomorrow goes for an MRI. Please pray it's nothing serious... there's nothing worse than having an injured body part that's necessary for walking in HK. Funny... we were just talking about how awful it would be to be to have something that's necessary for walking, injured. At least he hurt it while doing one of his favourite things, mountain biking.

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Mike said...

i know this can be discouraging. thanks for being so patient with children's church, keep pressing on, i think God has something big on the horizon.
i love you and am so proud of you.