Sunday, January 01, 2006

Have you ever...

"Have you ever had a dream that you were going to the bathroom and you wake up to find that you've peed the bed?" That was the topic of conversation between Mike, three of our boys, and I over lunch at McDonalds. I almost peed myself then because the stories they shared were just too funny. This lunch was such a blessing because it made me feel at 'home' with our kids. In MN, we had some great conversations such as this one and I was so worried that our students here would be so different that it would be hard to communicate with them. This conversation proved me wrong. RJ is Filipino, Brett is Canadian, and Adrian is Chinese yet we chatted as any teenagers would.

Brett (in the picture below) followed us to our flat where he and Mike played Xbox for awhile and it was during this time that I saw another blessing. I was so disappointed to leave MN because I was afraid Isabella would miss out on the love I knew our MN kids would give her. Again, I was proved wrong when RJ and Brett took time to play and talk to her. It was so sweet to watch these two High School boys loving on our daughter and she was just eating it up.

I saw a connection today that gives me great hope. God is at work and though it seems slow to us... His timing is perfect. I'm so excited to see more relationships develop like these two have as our Friday night ministries begin in just a few weeks.

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