Thursday, January 12, 2006


Well... I thought I survived the sickness that has been passed around the church office and home but unfortunately it has lingered enough between Mike and Isabella that it finally hit me. I must say though that I've having better luck with it than Mike has... and I hope that continues.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day as I headed back to the Jade Market with the same ladies. We took a 'feeding' break at the park outside the big tent and it was here that I learned a bit more about this part of town. This park was obviously a place for older men to spend their days... whether is be sleeping on the benches, talking, playing Mah Jong, or even getting haircuts. For such a small park, there were tons of men but I shouldn't be surprised... it is HK. Although the Jade Market is a popular tourist sight, it was obvious that white people were not a common sight. As we sat in the park, the men just stared at us... especially the babies. In fact, one man followed Isabella around like a hawk. It made me nervous at first but as other men came closer I realized they were just watching this little white girl with blue eyes crawl around on the concrete. It was at this park that I also saw homeless people for the first time. It broke my heart but I don't know why it shocked me as it did. I guess with the emphasis on taking care of the elderly in Chinese culture, I was surprised to see some on the streets.

I caught a cab on the way home and this is where the highlight of my day came. I jumped in and said... "Hung Hom.. and where we live (not sure how to write that in English). The driver repeated and said... 'Your Cantonese... very good, very good." I had to laugh because that's about the only thing I know other than Thank You and Good Morning but it was such an encouragement to me. I realized that the only way for me to get better at Cantonese is to speak it, so even if I only know a few words... I need to say them. So my goal today is to look up a few other words or phrases and practice them.

So maybe next time I hit that market I can get even better deals (LOL) because I can prove to them that I live in HK by knowing at least a little Cantonese.

What a treat I had today actually several treats that made me feel 'at home' in HK.

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