Monday, January 02, 2006

No such thing as 'slow'

I often find our days crowded with 'busy-ness' and not much time to enjoy each other so I'm always appreciative of days like today which are uneventful. We considered going out but as we watched the news we were thankful we didn't. Today was like Black Friday in the states where everyone is out and about and in HK it's a million times worse. That has been a HUGE adjustment for me... the amount of people in such a small place. I have to be so careful with my attitude because it's the HK way to push people out of the way and I can easily see myself giving someone a nudge (ok... so maybe that's an understatement) if I'm on a mission.

And it's times like this where I see the 'lostness' of the people. Many are focused on their careers and material items and have 'no time' for God. We even see that in our students as they focus so much on excelling in school (which by the way, I don't think is a bad thing) that God is always put on the back burner (the bad thing). Here people will say that God is important to them but in reality He's only important to them when it's convenient. I will always quote Mike... "God shouldn't be our #1 priority, He should be our ONLY priority and everything else should filter through Him." And no, I'm not perfect at this either but it just breaks my heart to listen to people talk about their relationship with God and realize how much they are missing out on a deeper, meaningful relationship with Christ because of 'busy-ness.' I don't think the word 'slow' exsits here unless you are walking in front of me on the tiniest of streets when I can't pass by. LOL If you are reading this, I would ask that you pray for the people of Hong Kong right now. It only takes a second. We're living in a culture that doesn't see the need for God because most people are wealthy and have not only what they need but want. But in reality, they are missing the ONLY thing they need... our Precious Savior.

On another note... I was so excited to begin my marathon training today. I'm following a program written by Hal Higdon and today I ran three miles. I didn't reach the goal time I set for myself but considering I haven't run in a long time, I was pleased. I was so worried today about my ability to accomplish this task but was encouraged today as I borrowed Mike's iPod and sprinted to Casting Crowns, Smalltown Poets, and Dave Matthews. I think I will cherish these running times because I can be lifted by good music and stretched by sermons. God really is in the 'little' things.

One final note... I posted another of my scrapbook pages and forced myself to really focus on the good things here in HK. It may be hard to read but the journaling reads: "With it's blue skies and mountainous backgrounds, you would be amazed at the beauty of Hong Kong despite the concrete walls. Amidst the concrete you will find pockets of the most gorgeous sites. Parks landscaped in alluring plants and flowers, unblemished beaches, captivating lights that line the streets at night, a diversity of people that's unimagineable. You see both old and new Hong Kong wherever you look; the history is unparalleled.


Mike said...

how true, how true. i stopped and prayed when I got to that point and will continue to do so. I love our red days together! and I love you!

Andrea* said...

Go you on your 3 miles! I havn't ran in a few months... but will once the weather warms. Nice new LayOut! And I really enjoy reading about the culture of HK~ thanks Melissa!