Friday, January 13, 2006

Sea Sickness and Sleep

If all days (weather wise that is) could be like yesterday, HK would be a much better place. LOL (Okay... it's really a wonderful place but those summer days are killer!) I'm not exactly sure of the temp but my guess is about 70's. The sun was shining and the sky was blue... ahhh how beautiful, I had to take Isabella outside. We went to the park across the street and played in the children's area and walked around the path. We even met two little Chinese boys her age but unfortunately their Moms didn't speak any English. I'd show you pictures but something is wrong with either my camera, our computer, or the cable and it's not letting me upload anything. Grrrr

Tim and Cindy called and invited us to Lamma Island for dinner so of course we said yes... but alas we didn't think about this decision. We ate at the Rainbow Restaurant because they offer a free ferry to the island and that's where the problem began. Actually, this problem began about 3 years ago when I started getting sick after being in a car for about 5 minutes. Everyone insisted I was pregnant but after Dr's appointments and testing, I found out I have a 20% loss of my ability to balance. This isn't too big of a deal, I went through physical therapy for awhile and it improved but there's always one thing that affects my balance no matter what... an ear infection. And if you remember my previous post, the sickness going around the church office and home hit me and yesterday developed into an ear infection. Thankfully, the ferry ride to the restaurant wasn't too bad and I didn't feel nauseous at all but the ride home was different. I'm not sure if it was because of where I was sitting on the boat, because we just ate or what but I didn't feel so good as I stumbled off the boat. PTL I didn't enjoy my dinner twice because it would have been a long time before I could eat seafood or Chinese food again and I love both of those. So although, this was a long evening for me... it's funny to me now and I definitely learned something.

Do not forget my seaband bracelets (help with motion sickness) and don't ride a boat with an ear infection.

But among the blessings of a gorgeous day, spending time with friends, and good food; God blessed me with an amazing treat last night... SLEEP! Isabella did not get up until after 6 this morning. As most of you know, Isabella still does not have the best sleeping habits but last night was awesome and she even went back to sleep after this 6am feeding! No doubt this was a gift from God because no matter what I try (and trust me I've tried everything) only God can make her sleep for that many hours! LOL I even woke up, without an alarm, before her... Now that's a good night's sleep!

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