Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lagging behind....

How lucky am I to have the greatest man as a husband? I certainly don't give him enough praise. He's just so thoughtful and loving and well... I could go on and on. I started working on this layout this morning and it was so easy to know what I wanted to do. I just wanted to show him how much he means to me.

I have to thank Andrea (of Embellish... look to the left) for introducing digital scrapbooking to me. I've been having a blast making pages and decided to upload them to a gallery so if anyone wants to take a look at them they can. Look on the left and you will see the link. Enjoy...

So I'm a bit behind on my blog entries which is frustrating to me but there have been some great things that have happened over the past few days. Children's church was great this past Sunday and I got another volunteer to help! PTL! Monday, we had dinner with some friends which was tons of fun and yesterday Cindy found me a ticket to the states for about $700 US dollars! Isabella has been sleeping incredibly well and I feel so rested and energized! To top it off... this weekend starts Chinese New Year which means fireworks, parades, and Mike's home with us for several days! Also means that we all get to buy a new outfit (lol) because it's tradition to start the New Year off with new clothes. Won't complain about that. (ha ha)

I've been learning a lot lately to rest in God's arms and let me tell you how much peace that has given me. It's so wonderful to know that God is in control of everything and I can put complete trust and faith in Him.

On a cute note.... our daughter is the most fearless thing ever. She has a little rocking chair (the one from you Jenny) that she has learned to climb onto (so thankful we don't have stairs!). Yesterday she was trying to get off of it but wasn't sure how. So what'd she do... put her arms out and dove for the floor. Thankfully, I was there to catch her but it just means that I have to watch her even more closely. What a cutie she is! She also loves to play on our bed and when I put her there she giggles so hard it's adorable. Ahhh... I LOVE being a Mom. Nothing beats her reaching for me, smiling at me, or crawling her fastest to catch up with me.

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Mike said...

thanks for writing that. you are so wonderful and i love you so much. i love the page! what a great thing to read when I got to the office.
you are amazing!