Friday, March 31, 2006

Fun days and pictures

Victoria Feemster's New Kit Blossom... I love it!

Yesterday and today have been such fun days. I mentioned earlier this week some plans I had to get out and spend time with people and while some fell through we've had a great time anyway.

Yesterday, I had planned to go to TST and walk around but Isabella took a late (and long) morning nap so I decided to take her swimming instead. There are two indoor pools here... a lap pool and a smaller/warmer one which I don't know the purpose of. We of course played in the smaller one and Isabella had a blast. She would splash around, walk around on the step level, climb in and out of the pool (discovered that she knows how to go down steps... not sure where that knowledge came from) and talked to every person that walked by. She really steals the show sometimes... it's just so cute. I was surprised to look at the clock and realize we had been swimming for about an hour. I guess I have myself a little fishy.

Today we made plans with Amy and Kinley to go to the playroom. We had so much fun that I think we'll make visiting the playroom quite a regular activity. They had a lot more toys there this time and lots of those things were Isabella's size too. It was so cute watching the girls play together (at times anyway... they are still little girls) and at times copying each other. Isabella followed Kinely up and down the slide while Kinley crawled (she can walk) around with Isabella. I managed to get a couple pictures of the girls that I'll have to post.

I thought Isabella would take a good nap once we got home but she had a few more hours of energy in her. She did take a short one but woke up still with a lot of energy so I took her back outside. We were going to hit the swings but they were all taken so we just walked along the promenade and she played with her 'dorothy' shoes. She again stole the show and numerous people stopped to chat with her. In fact, the lady we met at the park the other day walked by again.

Mike was invited to watch the Rugby 7's tomorrow so I'm trying to think of something different Izzy and I can do. Hopefully, it'll be nice out and we can go to the park across the street. I got the cutest little bunny sleeper for her while home so I'm going to try and take some pictures for an Easter card. We'll see though... having Mike around to help may work out better.

Oh yeah almost forgot...

Mike went looking for flats on Thursday and we found one. It's 1500sq ft and closer than the others we've been looking at. It's beautiful but the only negative is that there are very few amenities and it's a bit more expensive. We were told that bargaining is possible but we don't know if they'll go down in price as much as we would need them to. I'm excited about the size of this flat but the lack of amenities worries me. I love having the playroom and pool so close and I imagine as Isabella gets older, we'll use them more. So... I would appreciate prayers that we would make the wise decision.

Just look at the size of that living room!

The building is much smaller than where we currently live. Only three floors!

Look at those windows! This is the master bedroom. Sorry Hannah! LOL

Okay... this post is long enough. It's been such a great week. I just want to thank my readers for your prayers because I know those make such a difference in my life. And I want to thank God for all the great blessings He's bestowed upon us this week and for giving me the ability to see those as Him working.

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