Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Frappuccino's & Snorts

Gina Miller's Fingerpainting Papers/Alpha

I mentioned that my creative juices seem to have disappeared lately but I just love this LO.. more so for the pictures than anything. That's our little ham who's so full of JOY.

Well... I can officially say that Isabella has inherited a trait of mine. Yesterday we were playing and she was laughing so hard. It was just adorable and was bummed that I didn't grab the video camera in time. Anyway... she was laughing so hard that she snorted! LOL Unfortunately, she gets this from me. If I'm laughing hard enough... well you know. May not be an attractive trait but it sure was cute to hear her that excited.

On the other hand... I'm a bad mother! On Sunday we spent a wonderful day with a family in our church. We arrived at their flat around 1ish and didn't get home until about 8:30. While we were there we took a walk to Starbucks and this is where my bad mothering came in. Isabella was really tired (no naps all day will do that to you) and was getting pretty fussy so I decided to give her my straw to chew on. The thing is.. I didn't take it out of my frappuccino and I didn't know Isabella would be able to drink from a straw. I was pretty thrilled that she could but in return she drank a good 1/3 of my drink. She loved it! I thought it may have been just a fluke but on Monday night, after dinner with Brian, we headed over to Starbucks again. (Yeah... we love that place) I of course got another frappuccino and Isabella of course came mooching. I gave her a sip and again she probably drank 1/3 of it. What's funny was that she was pretty fussy during dinner but after she had her sip of Mango she was great the rest of the evening. Oh no... now I have two Starbuck monsters in the house. LOL

On a more serious note... I mentioned that we went flat looking the other day and found some great ones. Well... we found a website that lists flats in all areas and we found another that was larger and had a better layout. Mike called and the lady wasn't really helpful since we can't really move until June/July. However, a few hours later she called Mike back and said she found us a 1400sq ft flat, in the building we were hoping for, for the exact amount we want to pay, for the exact time we need to move in. 1400sq ft is amazing for that price so we're a little hesitant to get too excited about it but we'll most likely go look at it this Monday. Would appreciate any prayers as this is still a pretty big decision for us. We have to take lots of things (like distance, cost of living, etc) into consideration.

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Anonymous said...

Melissa! It's Hannah! You are cute! And so is Izzy! Can't wait to see you guys! Ps: I'm using some of your pictures of Hong Kong (just the city) for a powerpoint speech...I decided that I may as well be learning something I'll have to know anyways!