Thursday, March 23, 2006

One small step for mankind... one small step for Isabella!

Jen Wilson's Sunnyside Up Kit, Andrea Burns' Alphabella V2, Shabby Princess' Urban Kiwi, Victoria Feemster's stitching

Victoria Feemster's Playdate Kit

2 page layout using Victoria Feemster's Moody Blues Kit and Andrea Burns' Water droplet from Mudpuddles

Well let's see....

Tuesday night was a great family night. After dinner we took a walk around the harbour and made a stop at Jusco to pick up a board game. Mike and I wanted to get back to playing games instead of just watching tv or playing on the computer. Unfortunately we sold the majority of our games before we moved so we picked up Upwords. We've played Scrabble since we were dating (and no I have never won) but Upwords was a little more reasonably priced and is more fun for the vocabulary challenged. What a blast we had and of course, Mike won.

Yesterday we had a wonderful dinner with Ed and Sharon. We realized on Tuesday that we have had both of them over separately but never together and with the busy week Ed had with Keswick, we decided to cook them dinner. It was so fun to catch up and share our hearts. And I just love watching them interact with Isabella. They are her Hong Kong grandparents for sure. They are a sweet couple that we can learn a lot from and talk about an evangelists' heart. I'm convicted about sharing my faith after every conversation I have with Sharon.

Isabella must be growing because she took two amazing naps today! I couldn't believe it and I almost did one of those checks to see if she was still breathing but I was so afraid she'd wake up that I didn't. We had a blast playing today... her smile brings so much joy to my heart. And then the most amazing thing happened tonight... SHE TOOK HER FIRST STEP! It was just that... one step but she was leaning against the couch, turned to face us, balanced herself for a few seconds, and then.. STEP! Our neighbors probably thought we were crazy because we were just screaming like little kids but it was such an exciting moment. She is growing WAY too fast for me but I'm absolutely loving watching her change right before my very eyes. Children truly are a gift from God.

Ahhh... what a blessed day.

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elliot rudell said...

Hello. Thanks for playing UPWORDS, and blogging about it. I am the inventor of that game. And more importantly, thanks for being obedient to our Precious Lord Jesus, loving His sheep.

My ministries involve Hope For Homeless Youth in Los Angeles, and I am on the board of directors for Manna Ministries in India, among other stuff that keeps my busy.

I'll be praying for you.

Elliot Rudell