Tuesday, March 14, 2006


There is something I have been dealing with for many years now and today I felt release! God has finally lifted my burden and I really feel that I can be such a better person now. What finally lifted this burden? Honesty. I think all this thinking I've been doing lately has changed my life. Wow.... I don't know what else to say about this but amazing. God is really teaching me through daily life.

Isabella has been doing a lot of puckering with her lips lately and so today I tried to capture the moment. I think I got one picture but I did get a few great ones of her smiling. Thanks to good ole Daddy doing his impression of the anchor on Bruce Almighty. LOL But I can't find my cord to upload my pictures to my computer so I'll have to wait to show them off.

We're thinking through ministry in HK right now and my hubby wrote an excellent post on his blog (www.mysterious-truth.blogspot.com) that I think you should check out and offer some opinions. It was funny to read because I had just been thinking about doing ministry 'online' and questioning if that would work here. I'm amazed at how many kids are online all the time... even our MN kids have blogs and myspace. It's crazy but a great way to look into their hearts. One of our girls uses her blog to write out her thoughts on her devotions. You should check it out (click on the left... Greater Love has none).. she has amazing insight for a Jr in High School.

I feel as though I have much to say but nothing is coming to mind so I will stop and not ramble.

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