Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finding Joy

These are a few of the things I found joy in yesterday....

~Isabella standing by herself for the longest amount of time ever.
~Being able to take a nice, long shower because Mike was home to watch Isabella.
~Wearing Capris
~Opening the window because it wasn't too hot or too cold
~Having David come over around 11 and stay until he and Mike left for Keswick
~Listening to Isabella 'talk'
~Having muffins waiting for Mike when he woke up
~Giving Isabella a bath and watching her enjoy the water
~Serving lunch from the bathroom (that's what happens when you have a small flat and run out of outlets... lol)
~Having someone other than Mike call me 'hon' it just made me smile

I began to make this LO last night to show off Julie Howards new kit 'Simply Boy' that releases Sunday at but as I looked at the picture more it reminded me of how children look up to their parents and then I realized that Isabella will look to me as an example. Wow... never really thought about that but it made me want to seek God even more so that I can be the best, godly example that I can. I'm going to have to make sure this one gets printed so I can always be reminded of my responsibility as Isabella's Mommy.

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