Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Yesterday was a wonderful day. It was so great to be a family again. It was a rather cold day and with Isabella still having a cold we decided not to go hiking. Instead we went to Toys R' Us and got Isabella a toy to walk with and had lunch at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen.) I just love that place... we get such great service because of having Isabella and they often play with her so we can eat in peace. LOL

I forgot to share another cool thing that happened in the MN airport as I awaited my flight to Chicago... I was invited into the Red Carpet Club! I had about 1 1/2hrs before my flight and a lady came out and said... "I can bring guests into the Red Carpet Club... would you like to join us? You can get drinks and breakfast." I certainly didn't pass that up! What a treat and it gave Isabella a cleaner place to crawl around.

We took Izzy to the Dr's today and they finally put her on some allergy medicine. We're to try it for a month so hopefully we'll continue to see improvements in her breathing and congestion. PTL for a wonderful Dr who really loves her patients. And of course... always a treat to go to the Dr because the grocery store next to her office has Trix and today we found Dr. Pepper and A&W Rootbeer! My niece got me addicted to Dr. Pepper while I was at home so it was a treat to find it here. Even if I have to buy it by the can.

Reading some blogs today the idea of honesty really struck me... I thought about how honest with ourselves are we really? Are we honest about our emotions/thoughts? What about our relationships? We say we want honesty but how honest are we really? We obviously share the things we do but what about our thoughts? And what about our relationship with God? We know that He knows all things... even our thoughts but do we confess the things we think about as well as do? Made me think about my life, my relationships... I always say that I hate being lied to, I hate shallow relationships, and that honesty is really important to me but do I lie, am I shallow, and am I honest with my friends? Hmm... will continue to dwell on this topic.

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Mike said...

still jealous of the whole red carpet incident. how come cool stuff like that doesn't happen to me? I have to sit next to portly guys that need to lean my way for 13 hours. oh well.
Great thoughts about honesty. Made me think. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts. I LOVE YOU!