Saturday, March 25, 2006


That's how I felt for about 30 seconds after getting nailed in the chest by a ball. I haven't had the wind knocked out of me in a long, long time and I have to admit that not being able to breathe scared me for a second. Fortunately, I realized what had happened and was able to calm down pretty quickly and get back up for the next game. LOL Oh yeah... you're probably wondering what I'm talking about. Today was the Annual Dodgeball Tournament~Battle of the Harbour (for the youthgroup) but since none of our girls wanted to participate I had to play... okay I didn't have to but since I would have plenty of babysitters it was a great opportunity for me to actually participate in a youth event. I sure love Isabella but I do miss how involved I was able to be in the states. It was a lot of fun and I must admit, I was pretty proud of myself for actually being able to get other people out. But the best news is that the Kowloon side Youth Pastors/Leaders came in 1st place! (oh yeah... I got to play with them too) And to top off a great day... we had our XTC on Ice (Italian Gelatto) on our way home and the lady (who knows who we are) teased us by saying... "See you tomorrow" and just because she said that we will take a walk and see her tomorrow if it's nice out. LOL

I've been doing more thinking about my life here in HK and I realized that since being back, I haven't really done anything. I think mainly because it's been yucky and rainy out but how boring am I? So this week I'm going to attempt the impossible... okay not really but anyway... I'm going to try and make plans to go to a Bible study, swimming, and the play room at our complex. Feel free to keep me accountable and ask if I did. I'm not a big fan of busy weeks but it will be good to get out and spend time with some different people. And I will be getting back in my workout routine and actually really excited about this.

Well... my hubby is about to delete his blog and start all over. He wants to be a bit more consistent and he feels he just needs a fresh start. He's got some great thoughts on his current blog that you don't want to miss... click on Mysterious.Truth before it's too late.

May your day be filled with sweet blessings like mine has been!

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