Saturday, April 01, 2006

And the word of the day is..... "MUM"

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday's playdate with Kinley and Amy. Again... Victoria Feemster's Blossom Kit... just love the colors! (If you click on the picture it'll come up a bit bigger.)

Wow an incredible for me today! Isabella clearly said 'Mum' and on occassion 'mama'. I'm sure you moms can relate to this experience but wow... that can make any day the greatest.

We had another fun day. We took a walk in the park, played on the playground and then had lunch at McDonalds. Isabella is struggling with her allergies (runny nose and cough) so I didn't attempt the bunny pictures. It would be more fun with Mike anyway and now I can get some daddy and daughter pictures too. Mike came home early and we all took a walk down to TST and tried to eat at a restaurant that overlooks the harbour but we were told 'all full' when we could clearly see at least 3 tables available. So we were bummed but came home and had pizza instead. It all worked out though because it saved us some money and allowed Isabella to get a head start on her night. I try to get her to bed earlier on Saturdays because of the long day on Sunday. She coughed all night long last night so I'm praying she has a better night tonight.

Tomorrow we have 'lunch bunch' with our students so that will be fun and another day I don't have to cook! Yeah... actually I do like to cook but I hate deciding on what to have. LOL Monday, Mike has graciously offered me some 'me' time since he was able to go the Rugby 7's last night and today... so I'm busy trying to decided what I want to do. Speaking of the Rugby 7's... Mike has an amazing God story that he's going to share on his blog (so I won't tell here) so you MUST check it out (it's the mysterious.truth on the left) in the next couple of days.

Well... I think I'm going to take a nice relaxing bath and continue to read a great book that my MIL gave me called 'big girls don't whine... getting on with the great life God intends' by Jan Silvious. It has a funny title but as my MIL described it best... it's about living the sanctified life. It really is a good book and I would encourage ANY lady to read it!

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Margie said...

I'm going to have to add that book to my ever growing list of books to get in the states :) Hopefully someone will have them and I can just read them over the summer. SOunds like a good one!