Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fresh air and 'a' star

Who knew fresh air (not sure if I should say fresh or polluted but you get the idea lol) could do such wonders. It was a gorgeous day out today... not too hot or windy... and so I decided to take Isabella on a walk. It turned out to be such a blessing. We went to the park and Isabella got to swing again. She just loves it and squeals with delight. Listening to her is enough to brighten anyones day but while she swung I met a lady who was due with her first next week. She just stared at Isabella and asked all sorts of questions about her. Made me smile because I could relate to all the things that were going through her mind about the coming baby. There were lots of children at the park today so we continued our walk to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. On our way back, we ran into Amy and Kinley and what a treat that was. We haven't seen them in awhile either so it was fun to chat and watch the girls play. Steve and Amy are moving back to Canada this summer and I couldn't be more disappointed. The more time I spend with them, the more I enjoy myself but I know God has great plans for their future. They're a really neat couple.

Mike called and we decided to make plans to go to our Malaysian restaurant and the 'Peak' to see the lights because of how clear it was. That doesn't happen very often so you have to take advantage of it. Dan and Geeta joined us and we had a great night. Excellent food and gorgeous views of the city's lights. We decided to walk down from the peak rather than taking the tram and although it was hard on our knees (lol) it was fun to talk the whole way down. To top off our evening we stopped at XTC on Ice (I know, I know... but we can't pass up the chance to talk to our lady "Rabi') and she was very giving as she topped off my cup because she knows that Isabella eats the majority of it.

And oh... as we walked home from the bus the most amazing thing happened. We saw a star! It must have been a clear night but notice how I said 'a' star. That's it... just one... but what a treat.

They just keep coming to mind... It's amazing how blogs make the world a bit smaller. A fellow pastor's wife, living in Hungary, ran across my blog one day and what a blessing she has been to me, probably without even realizing it. I have enjoyed reading her words and being able to relate and know that my feelings are normal. And so we managed to get each others emails and I just heard from her. What a heart for the Lord she has and I'm so glad I was able to make the connection. She was able to answer some questions I've been dealing with lately with such wisdom and scripture behind her answers. You should check out her blog sometime. It's www.choosetheway.blogspot.com Ahh.. I love being able to learn from others.

I'm constantly amazed at how many 'blessings' there are in a day when I'm willing to see them. I can always tell when my heart is not right because I see nothing but the negatives. And I finish with a saying that I say often... God is good... ALL the time. We just have to be open.

May your day be as wonderful as mine was!

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