Friday, March 17, 2006

Some new LO's

April Day Kit by Andrea Burns

Whisper Softly Kit by Victoria Feemster

Don't have much to share this evening was a pretty relaxing day. Isabella continues to be sleeping well so that's always a blessing and Mike came home for lunch and we went to a place called UCC Vienna where I had the most amazing french toast. Finally got caught up on some scrapping that I've needed to get done. I got so behind being the states that I wasn't enjoying playing catch up... I think my LO's suffered too. However, these are two that I finished today that I really liked. We have the most beautiful daughter and she does the cutest things! These puckered lips are priceless and I love the picture with her and Great Grandma Rose.

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JB and Iris said...

Sype Us! We're usually one every evening after 5pm our time (we're 8 hrs ahead of EST) I know you guys are several hrs ahead of us? Anyway...sype on! So glad you're home and congrats on the exciting news about the new flat possibilities! Bring on the fresh air and trees!

CD's would rock! After JB looked at our MB usage this month he about fell over! :) If I can't buy Old Navy clothes here...I have to spend our money on something? LOL.

Take care and look forward to 'seeing' you guys soon! Have a relaxing time in Thailand (JB's always promised to take me to Phukett someday...maybe our 25th anniversary or something?)! Enjoy!

Love- iris marie.