Monday, March 27, 2006

Family day!

I have much more exciting news to share today.

First... I did not have to feed Isabella at all last night!!!!!!!!!!! She did wake up twice but put herself back to sleep very quickly both times. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was that she did this and on top of it didn't get up until 8:15! Here's praying for another good night.

Second... My daughter is a celebrity... LOL ... my Mom picked up the pictures we had taken at JCPenny's while we were home and they asked her to sign a waiver because they wanted to put one of our pictures in their book! How fun!!!!! Here is the picture... actually I've already shared it here I believe but thought I'd post the exact one... only they made it into Sepia toned. Anyway... I love this picture because it reminds me to be the best godly example I can be for my daughter because she will look up to me.

Mike took Isabella and ran some errands for me today and I was so thankful for the time to really clean our flat. Sounds dumb but I always feel so much better when I have a clean home. Too bad Isabella fed herself bananas tonight and now we've got a dirty floor. lol

Finally... Kate and Brian came over for dinner and I'm so glad they did. We haven't seen Kate since before Christmas so it was tons of fun to catch up. They brought the movie 'Capote' to watch and it literally left me speachless. I have to be very careful about the movies I watch (they can easily lead to nightmares for me) and I must say... this is one I would not have chosen to watch had I known what it was all about. It was eye opening and made me think but I will never watch it again. Next week... it's Wedding Crashers. Now that's more my speed. LOL

I always enjoy Mondays when Mike is home with us. Now if only the rain would go away so we could go hiking!

~May you be aware of the blessings God bestows on you today.~

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