Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Father's Day!!!!?

I was so excited to celebrate Father's Day today... had all the plans taken care (or so I thought) and was really hoping to surprise Mike. I hadn't mentioned anything and was going to meet him at work with everything we'd need for the evening and wisk him away. LOL

Then yesterday came and as we were talking about our weekend plans... he's convinced that something was going on Friday night. So the surprise ended as I had to make sure we didn't have anything else planned and let him know to keep it that way.

Still being very excited about the day... I woke up with a list of things to accomplish. Isabella had other plans... again. Nothing major, she was just clingy which made it take twice as long to accomplish one thing. Don't know what's going on with her these past few days. She only wants 'Mama' (which don't get me wrong makes me feel great) but a mama needs a break too.

I strike out on task #1... printing. I don't know what it is about me but I seem to break every possible electronic device in this house! lol Our printer will not work with my computer and it's too late to run to the photo shop so Mike's first gift is delayed a day.

Mike is able to come home a tad early and I'm pumped because the first thing on my list for the evening is some father/daughter pictures and it was a pretty day out. So we head to where we are to have dinner and spend about an hour playing around with some photos. I'm happy with how most turned out but I didn't get close enough and there are still a few I want to take but they need to be done inside.

On our way to the restaurant, I discover the name is not what we thought it was and began to panic. See Mike's FAVORITE food is Peking Duck and I SO BADLY wanted to treat him to this meal. I choose this place because I ate duck there a few weeks ago and it was incredible and I wanted him to have the best. But alas... strike two. This is not the same place and they only served seafood. What to do, what to do... By the time we got to another place that we knew served duck Isabella would be incredibly cranky and ready for bed so we decide to walk to Sha Tin and eat at Ruby Tuesday's.

Strike three... (well almost) Now for those of you that know HK, we were in City One probably even further down at the floating restaurant. It was how hot today? and we were NOT prepared for a walk. We started our journey across the river and about half way there we both thought... this is much further than we thought. We were soaked with sweat and our feet were killing us! But I must admit it was a very pleasant, pretty walk.

So we ate at Ruby Tuesday's and pick up a birthday gift for a party we're going to tomorrow and head home. We decide to take first class because our feet hurt and we're tired... strike four (almost again) we pay for first class only to have to stand! (first class is nice comfortable, roomy seats) Thankfully it was only for one stop.

We end Father's Day on a be continued note until we can get that duck and Mike can receive all his gifts. Ahhh.... foiled again. I don't know what I can't seem to manage a successful surprise for him but I hope he still knows how much I love him. He's a GREAT Daddy and a wonderful husband.

We did share some wonderful conversation about life, ministry and our future. It's always fun to 'dream' with him and fun to talk (albeit briefly... lol) about adoption.

I love you babe!
~Happy Father's Day~

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite! Mike does this with her all the time and she just loves it but this is the clearest photo I've ever been able to take.

Isabella wasn't as happy as she normally is because of her lack of sleep over the past few days but I adore this photo too. Just my guy and sweetie pie.

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Amydeanne said...

What great pics of your daughter and hubby! You really have a beautiful family! :)