Tuesday, June 13, 2006


So my goal was to blog and entire week about 5yrs of marriage but I got a little sidetracked with some things so I'm going to do a top ten list... (in hour of Dave Letterman... whom I'm watching right now) of the greatest things about my wonderful hubby... Mike.

The Top 10 Greatest Things About Mike

10. He's a MAC-aholic
9. He's fearless. (Just ask his body... snicker snicker)
8. He's a good cook.
7. He's very gifted at dealing with difficult situations.
6. He loves his job and the people he ministers too like his own family.
5. He greets me with a hug all the time!
4. He's a very gifted preacher.
3. He's incredibly smart.
2. He's hot... Hot... HOT

And the number 1 reason why He's the greatest...

1. He's passionately in love with Jesus.

I love times when you feel an instant connection to someone. And I feel that in many situations, Christ seekers and followers develop an immediate bond. I believe it's faith that brings them together... no matter what their differences may be. I think this 'immediate bond' is what everybody longs for and what can set Christians a part from the rest of the world. People sense love, respect, and genuine care for others and what an awesome opportunity to share where this love comes from.

I share those thoughts... to share an exciting thing that has happened to me over the past few days. I don't normally leave comments on random people's blogs unless I've been touched by what they've had to share but the other day I came across a blog and commented. The author, Emily, responded to my comment and I was intrigued by some of what she had to share so I decided to email her. It was a fun evening for me as we emailed a few more times that same day. I learned quite a bit about her in just a short time and discovered we had quite a few things in common. Church ministry, passion for young ladies, little girls, scrap-booking etc.. Anyway... I was just amazed at the connection we had because of our faith and where it went from there.

Another cool aspect of this connection is that she and her sister-in-law are opening up their own digi-scrapping site this July and they invited me to be a part of their Creative Team! I'm so thrilled about this opportunity. It means I can have one 'major' home in the scrapping world and I can work with their gorgeous designs. And to top it off... I can work with and learn from some very godly women. Here is their new sites blog. Keep reading for some awesome things to happen this July!

~Our day~
Well... my day began at 5:30am thanks to my dear sweet Isabella. Ugh! I cannot handle days like this. LOL But thanks to Mike, I got to lay down after he woke up and ended up sleeping until Isabella woke up from her nap around 10:15. We just bummed around the house until Mike came home for lunch. Then he helped me run a few grocery errands (and I was reminded why I love market shopping so much... I got two bags of fruit for about $5... compared to my $5 little box of strawberries at the real store). Anyway... then I prepared for our evening with Stewart Stemple (a friend of Mike's.) We've been trying to get together with him since we moved but he's literally always out of the country. :)

We had salad, lasagna, and oreo cheesecake and I must say it was deeelish! lol It was really fun getting to know him a bit more and learning more about his ministry here in HK. After dinner, he and Mike went and played tennis and once they got home, I had a baby shower to attend. I had a good time at the shower, chatting with some ladies that I haven't been able to talk to in awhile and admiring the darling Amanda Jane (she's Indian with a head FULL of gorgeous dark hair.)

Now... I must go prepare our flat for our two guest arriving tomorrow! Sarah and John... I can't WAIT for you two to arrive. It's going to be a busy first evening here for them but that's always good because then hopefully (that's the idea anyway) they'll be able to sleep at night.

Hope your day is as wonderful as mine has been!!!

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emily said...

sound like a fantabulous day!!! your life seems so fun and adventurous...i want to go to market too :)!!! thanks so much for your kind words...i really appreciate them! i was going to blog about this myself in the next couple of days, but you beat me to it...lol! that husband of yours sound like a good one...they are few and far between, you know. But somehow God blessed me with a GREAT one too! I'll talk to you soon!!!