Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm baaack!

Wow... what a few days it has been.

So Friday started out well, John and Sarah headed off to Crossroads,

Mike off to work and well Izzy and I had our own plans of playing at the park. Instead, we ended up meeting Mike and Brian for one last lunch together. It was fun and am so glad we did but I felt like an intruder a bit... I wanted he and Mike to have one last personal conversation but we didn't know that Brian had a pretty long list of people to see and so our time was limited more than we thought. Anway...

The evening turned into a disaster. Everyone but Izzy and I, headed to a concert and almost the second they left, I began to feel awful. I ended up putting Isabella to bed around 7pm and for the next 4/5hrs or so, I spent in the bathroom. In fact, I pulled out a pillow and blanket and just laid on the floor. It was awful. I caught Mike's bug and just as badly.

That darn bug put such a damper on the next three days for me. Saturday we all were to go cliff diving but obviously I couldn't. What stunk even more was how gorgeous it was outside and I didn't even have the ability to take Isabella out. I slept the ENTIRE day and thankfully Becky was able to come babysit while Mike attended RJ's graduation. Our first 'youth' babysitter here. However, Sarah and John had a great time and their pictures prove it!

Sunday I managed to attend our worship service but came home immediately after and pretty much just laid around. I thought I was getting better until we got ready to leave for dinner. I walked to the lift and then returned to the couch. I missed the 'Peak' that night and again... they've got gorgeous pictures of HK at night.

I woke up Monday morning knowing there was something more than this 'bug' going on with me. In MN, I suffered from Gastroenteritis and it's not something you forget. That's how I knew that it had hit me again. I'm sure it was due to all the vomiting on Friday night but man... can I say painful? It's like someone's stabbing you in the stomach over and over and over again. I'm so thankful that God provided us with such a wonderful Dr because she didn't hesitate to give me the meds I needed. (When this happened in MN, I knew what was wrong but it took them about 4days to give me the right stuff) She's so cute too... she told me to take sick leave, nap as much as possible, take these meds, and go on a two day BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) diet. She said if I did that, I'd be better in two days. To myself I thought, "Great... just in time to say good bye to our guests." However, God is good and within one day, I feel almost 100% better! I did miss out on a trip to Stanley but Mike brought home some very cute clothes for Isabella so all was good. LOL

Other than not sleeping well (thanks Izzy), I woke up feeling pretty great and have continued to improve throughout the day. Good enough to go back to the night and jade market for some last minute shopping. I even walked away with some new bracelets and a new pair of shoes... all for less than 10$! Ahhh... bargaining has really grown on me and I must admit, I've gotten pretty good at it. LOL

So that's why the past few days have left me speechless. I'm so grateful this too has passed and I pray that it NEVER returns. Our whole family suffered and I think it took a toll on our emotions too because we were getting a little edgy with each other. lol

So this post isn't profound but it will help me to remember what we did the past few days and will help me to get back on track with my journaling. I will finish with one last thing... our flat. It seems that we will not be moving. It's a long story and one that stills hurts a bit to share but God knows all that's going on and has a PERFECT plan. I can never doubt that so with this disappointing news, I take a positive attitude and look at the bright side. There are a few things Mike and I have decided to do to spruce up our flat and make it 'homier (is that even a word?)' and more spacious {and yeah we still get a dryer}. So watch out Macau... here we come!

okay... so I got tired of waiting for blogger to upload my photos so enjoy the ones I had enough patience for lol

Oh yeah... one more thing
look to the right for my newest blinkie....

coming soon... aren't you excited!


Deanna said...

awe.melissa.im sorry you got that bug...and what a time to get sick too...Hope your feeling better...off to check out the interesting lil blinkie!

emily said...

i'm so glad you are starting to feel better!!!! i hope you continue to rest and get your strength back!

mom in minnesota said...

Hi Melissa....I am so sorry you were so sick! but glad that you knew what was wrong. Thanks for being so gracious to our kids in spite of the difficulties! That picture of John is a little scarey for a mom to see....but they do look like they were in the sun, and tired, and y et smiling, kind of!! We're very much looking forward to seeing them soon....=) and you get some 'rest,' just like the dr. ordered!!