Monday, June 19, 2006


Waking up to a thunderstorm warning is not what I envisioned but no worries... we still explored and shopped. LOL I took John and Sarah (poor Mike still needed to rest) to the Kowloon City Market and then to the Kowloon Walled City. This market is mainly clothes and shoes and I love it because I can always find something there and it has great clothing for children. I managed to pick up a Puma shirt (for like 5$!), a sleeper for Izzy and a little treat for a friend who's expecting in Oct. John and Sarah had luck too which made me enjoy the trip even more. I always get bummed when Mike and I go and I find stuff and he doesn't.

Then we headed over to the Walled City and it was incredible. I had never been there before and was just amazed at the beauty and story behind it. Here's a brief summary of what took place...

And here are some fun pictures we took while we explored.

This was our last Monday night dinner with Brian; he returns to Texas at the end of the week. It was bittersweet for us. We're really excited for him to be able to go to seminary but we really have enjoyed spending time with him and getting to know him over this past year. When I was explaining how our 'Monday night dinners' came about to John and Sarah, I realized that it's been since at least Oct if not earlier that Brian has been coming over. It's been a fun tradition and one that we hope we can continue with another single guy here in HK. Here are some pictures of Brian, Mike and Isabella. (well the first is part of the Kowloon Walled City)

Tomorrow, Sarah and John will go and work with RBC ministries (aka The Daily Bread) and Wed-Fri, they will work with Crossroads... a very unique ministry that provides furniture and appliances to people and countries that cannot afford it. I'm hoping to spend some time with Amy and Kinley before they return to Canada and get a few workouts in. Oh yeah... I made 21 days without soda! I was so proud AND I haven't returned to my old habits! Hip hip hooray! Now I'm thinking of another habit to break... I think I'm going to do sweets but I will wait a few more days so that 21 days will end the day before my birthday! LOL Then I can treat myself to something sweet for my birthday.

I have some thoughts about the current book I'm reading but they're not coming together quick enough to post them here. I will leave you with a quote and question to get your brain thinking though...

Are you experiencing true transformation or pseudo-transformation (where you think you are transforming but in fact becoming more judgemental and smug) in your spiritual walk with Christ?

The pursuit of righteousness is always an exhausting pursuit when it seeks distorted goals. ~John Ortberg

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