Monday, June 12, 2006


With a few situations that have taken place in my life over the past few months, I've really been struggling with something. That something is 'Why (as Christians) do we not confront others when something they do or say is wrong?' Matthew 18 tells us that we are to confront one another, in love, when there's a problem. So why do we fear how the other person will respond and end up shying away from the situation and ignoring the problem? Does that not condone what is being said or done? I also question when it's our role to confront. Should you have a decent relationship with the person before you say something or as a Christian, is it always your responsibility... as long as it is done IN LOVE? I would LOVE to hear thoughts from any of my readers!

This morning I received an email that was a perfect example of confronting a wrong but doing it in love and although it was embarassing for me, it was greatly appreciated! So I must apologize to my readers (I know there are few of you out there... LOL) for the ending of my poem on my last post. I've already edited it but I referred to a poem that was read in the movie Mr. Deeds that referred to beer. I had no ill intentions by posting it (in fact it was a bad plea for some laughter) and it was inappropriate for someone who calls themself a Christ-follower and serves in ministry. I feel that because of my faith, I need to be careful with my words and actions so that my testimony always relfects Christ and writing what I did (even with no bad intentions) was wrong. So... please forgive me.

On a much lighter note...
We are back in the flat hunt. Ughhh... our offers are not being accepted. We are going on Wed to re-look at one flat to see if we can make it work. One reason to move is to have a larger living room space so that we can host more students and this flat's set-up is exactly like our current one only a bit wider. So we're going to look and see if we can work with the space because they are offering us an incredible deal if we rent from them. Please continue to pray for us as we make this decision.

We had dinner with Brian and Scott at CPK tonight and Ben and Jerry's for dessert. And I got some great photos of the HK lights! Other than that (and taking about 50lbs of laundry to our laundry service) we didn't do much but rest. None of the Rose household is feeling the greatest and with our guests coming this Wed we decided to just clean up and nap. LOL

Well... I'm off to catch up on some emails and then off to bed. Have a blessed Monday!


Angela said...

Thanks for the reminder. I think all Christians need to be reminded of what it means to be a Christian sometimes. Thanks!

Mike said...

Thanks for your post my love. You display such honor and integrity that show your character. I love you and am so proud of you.