Sunday, June 18, 2006

Junk Boat

Here are some pictures from Thursday... John on the Avenue of the Stars standing next to Bruce Lee and Sarah trying on some glasses at the night market.

First I need to ask prayer for Mike... he's come down with something that has left him laying on the couch and missing out on all the fun. He's doing better today but not 100% which means he'll miss out again tomorrow. Please pray for quick healing. I decided to pretend today was just another day and that next Sunday is Father's Day. That way he can fully enjoy it and hopefully his gift will be in.

Yesterday we were invited by Stewart to join him and some friends to see HK in style. It was awesome. We met him around 1:30 for a junk boat ride around the islands and for some wake boarding, tubing and swimming. Oh yeah... and dinner at the famous floating restaurant. It was so great and so much fun. Poor Mike wasn't able to join us but it was good that the rest of us were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. I attempted tubing for the first time and unfortunately have some sorry looking knees to prove it. LOL John and Sarah attempted wake boarding and we all enjoyed speed boat rides.. in fact it was just the trick to put Isabella to sleep. He treated us to dinner at the famous floating restaurant called Jumbo and the food was just delicious. We had fresh shrimp, Peking duck (again... poor Mike, it's his favourite), chicken, etc. And Stewart was thoughtful enough to have the driver drop us off at the closest ferry pier so that we didn't have a long journey home.

Isabella preparing for her speed boat ride. The restuarant where we had dinner and a view on the way back.

Today John and Sarah led worship and I so wish I had pictures to share but my CC teacher was a tad late and I missed them. Bummer... but I heard great things and have no doubt they did a fabulous job. It was our farewell Sunday for Pastor Rod, Salving, and RJ and Pastor Rod was supposed to preach but he had no voice. I was bummed because I've never heard him preach but I'm hoping I may still have a chance. He will continue to minister at AIC until the end of the month. I experienced something new for the first time at church... Interpretative dance. I was really surprised at how cool it was. They danced to 'Here I am to Worship' and their dance moves so fit the words it was incredible. I was so glad that I got to see that but again... didn't have my camera to catch it on film. We had an incredible buffet during our fellowship time and ended up coming home early because Isabella was just exhausted. She has never fallen asleep before 3pm on a Sunday afternoon and she was out almost immediately after picking her up from the nursery. I think she's just had some very busy days and it all caught up to her because she took an amazing afternoon nap too. We've been pretty much just relaxing the rest of the day. Sunday's I rarely have energy to do anything and I was grateful that Sarah and John were willing to just chill at our place. Tomorrow we will explore some more so it's good to get rested up. And they will begin more of their ministries on Tuesday.

Giving Pastor Rod and Salving a plaque for their ministry here. Children's Church.

I should share more but I need to get to bed as I know tomorrow will be a fun, long, and HOT day. Praise the Lord the rain has gone away for a bit but now the squelching heat and humidty have arrived.

Sorry the pictures are small but it's the only way they would upload. I think you can click on them to make them bigger.

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