Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Baby it's hot out here...

What a day... I took Isabella to the playground and within seconds we were both sweating like crazy! I guess the heat is officially here. The rain has taken a break but it's still forcasted for every day and though it's not raining it still looks like it will any second. So pretty HK is not so pretty right now.

Enough rambling...
The past few days have been awesome and busy therefore why I have not posted. Sunday I actually got to participate in the adult service which was wonderful (especially since Mike was preaching) and I get to participate again next week! Yeah... CC is up and running! I'm SOOOO excited. Sunday school was great and I got to learn a little more about one of our youth leaders Co. He shared a wonderful message about 'Not taking a break from God' even though it's break time and included a bit of his testimony. We had lunch bunch afterwards and we had 15 students join us... the most ever! We had a great time and I had two of our girls, Nicole and Becky, come home with me. These girls are awesome and the only two of our jr. high girls that really participate in anything so I've been trying really hard to develop a good relationship with them. We just played games and watched Ice Age 2 but it was so much fun that I think I'm going to try and do this once a month... on the Sunday's that Mike has his board meetings. That way it's just all girls and Mike doesn't have to hide somewhere. Now... I just need to start convincing some of the other girls to come. LOL

Monday was fun as well. Mike was helping a friend pack up their things but that evening we had dinner at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen... yes we do love that place) with Brian and Scott joined us this week too. We decided to get Ben and Jerry's to eat while we watched our movie and they packed it up in dry ice. So when we got home Mike decided to play a prank on me and I fell for it. (Hey it's not everyday you have dry ice in your flat.) I must've been tired because I fell asleep during the movie! I was so embarrassed.

Today we met Mike at the KCR station for chai and played outside. Nothing too exciting but we had a good time. I have been desperately trying to get some pictures of Isabella talking on the phone and hugging her baby doll but she's just too quick and everything comes out blurry. LOL

I got an email from Sarah yesterday and this is what it said..."looking forward to next week already! O MAN!" So I looked at my calendar and... my goodness it's June already. Where has the time gone? Her and her brother arrive next week and I'm so excited! Our first guests... well not the first but the first ones that we get to entertain and show around. (We had an old college friend and her beau about a month after we moved but she had been here before and knew what they wanted to do.) So I guess I need to get busy cleaning and making room for two more people.

So I'm pretty much caught up on what's been happening. Now tomorrow I can write something with a little more depth. However, it's day 12 in my 'no soda' effort and I'm going strong! I've gotten back into my exercise routine as well so I'm feeling great. Now... if all this great asian food would stop calling my name. Darn curry. LOL

We finally get to be outside again and she's happy as a clam.
Sometimes Isabella has these very random 'shy' moments and I managed to catch one on film. She was waving and talking to this couple sitting on a bench and then all of a sudden to shyed away.

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