Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ode to Marriage

Ode to 5yrs!

Today was the day (actually yesterday was but oh well) to look back upon,
5 wonderful years, so fast they have gone.

We've experienced a lot in a short amount of time,
Everything from moves and babies, to not owing a dime.

God has been good and we give Him the praise,
As we said from the beginning, the center He stays.

It's exciting yet scary to think what will come
Look what's happened so far, what will be added to the sum?

Whatever it may be, we'll trust in our Lord,
We know He will guide us and not leave us bored.

Today we will celebrate 5 wonderful years,
To us and our future we send out three cheers.

We have made a decision... now it's off to negotiating! The flats I looked at today were all ideal but for the amount we most likely will be paying we decided to go with what gives us the most. So most likely (as long as God continues to work out all the details) we will move to Royal Ascot mid-July. This place has everything we need including a park with grass across the street! Now... this isn't official yet but I'm so excited to have at least made this part of the decision!

We have our Filipino candidate this weekend and we had dinner at my favourite dumpling place! They seem like a very sweet couple but I'm not sure how much English the wife speaks. I hope she was just nervous because she seems like a really neat lady to get to know. They have a son who will be in our ministry too! Tomorrow we'll take him to lunch and Mike will treat him to a movie (such hard work for him, eh?) and then we'll have dinner with them and our board members. Please pray for the next few days... we want what God wants and the decision makers need wisdom.

Those teeth must be killing her... the poor girl. She's got all the signs of a few teeth popping through clear down to the reddest bottom I have ever seen. She just screams when we change her. I expected her top two teeth to come in after her bottom two but it seems that the one to the right (of the top one already in) is coming in, along with some molars and the beginnings of another. No wonder she's been crying out in the middle of the night. Please pray for her!

Okay... gotta prepare for an early and busy day! Blessings everyone!


ChloƩ said...

Poor Isabella! This is definitely not a good time to go through! Congrats for your anniversary!

Sarah J said...

Congratulations on 5 years :) i loved your poem!