Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Joy is up to YOU

Good-byes STINK!

I just don't like saying them... never have. Even when I lived just 1 1/2hrs from my parents in WV, I hated saying good-bye. Today was filled with them and that never makes for a spectacular day.

Sarah and John left this afternoon.

That was hard... they're our family, a taste of our home in MN, and it was so fun to relax and goof around with them. We just haven't connected with our students here like we did in MN and it so wonderful to have them visit. Thanks Pat and Arlin for letting them come! We will miss them and Izzy won't know what to do tomorow morning when she wakes up. (please make sure they email us to let us know they've arrived)

Izzy giving Sarah hugs

hugs for John

This evening Steve, Amy and Kinely joined us for one last dinner. They leave Friday for Canada. I think we would have spent a lot of time with them if they had stayed but alas... this is HK. The girls really played together tonight. Pushed each other around on Izzy's bike, played with the shopping cart, and Isabella just followed Kinely around. There were a few accidents, a few spills of which one left Isabella with a chipped tooth (Mommy's still dealing with this) but they seemed to have a great time and left with hugs.

I know this is an awful picture but you can see the love in all the blurriness and it just touches my heart and makes me smile.

I knew these good-byes were coming and we still have a few more to go. I knew HK would be like this because it's such a transient culture. No one seems to consider HK 'home' and therefore it seems very few actually stay here for very long. I just never expected it to be so hard. I mean... we haven't known these people for very long... not even a full year. But yet somehow we connected and developed a relationship. Maybe it's because we're all far from our families, home countries, and are trying to make it in a foreign culture. Maybe it's because we're all Christ followers and have that connection of faith; though I'm sad to say that I have not connected in this way with all Christ followers. Maybe we all just understand what it's like to feel 'out of place' and therefore have just welcomed everyone with open arms. I don't know but it's been great and we've been blessed.

We've said our good-byes but we still have our memories and we can carry those with us forever. We just have to be grateful and thankful that God has allowed these things to happen. We can always find joy in situations when we have God in our lives.

On a much happier note.....
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