Monday, July 03, 2006

Congrats Noel and RJ!

I really have a small vocabulary! LOL Everytime I sit down to write the first words out of my mouth are... "Wow... what a day!" I guess I need to come up with something new but it really describes most of my days... including this past weekend!

Sunday we honored our Seniors with a Junkboat Trip and it was AMAZING! I think it's been the best thing we have ever done with our group here. Attendence was great, kids brought their friends, and even some of our Jr. Highers came! However, the day did start off rough but God is SO GOOD in answering prayers and here's just a little example of how He worked...

I was just outside the gate to church when the sky opened up and the rain came down. Not just a little... A LOT... enough to soak Isabella and I and everything I had in my hands. On our way to church I saw the dark clouds and just pleaded with God to allow it to pour while we where in church and clear up afterwards and you know what.... God not only stopped the rain but He gave us one of the most GORGEOUS days ever! It was blue skies with my favorite puffy white clouds and sunny but not too hot... just perfect for a nice tan. lol

We got on the boat around 11am and had about an hour and a half boat ride to the beach. We all had a blast and only a few suffered from the choppy waves. It was a great time just to talk and the students all enjoyed watching Isabella attempt to stay on her feet as the boat rocked.

We arrived at our destination

and Nicole, Becky, and their friend started us off by jumping off the boat into the water. The water was wonderful. Warm and clean! And we saw a few friends (some sea urchins and jellyfish) too.

We all took a short ride over to the beach to baptize Tony and that was just an awesome experience. It was great to hear a little of his heart and such a blessing for Mike to be able to baptize him. The group stood around and cheered him on. PTL for his commitment before all that he wants to serve our God.

Our trip back home was fun as well. We honored our Sr's with a little gift and allowed the students to share some stories about them and then I think almost everyone fell asleep. LOL We got home around 6pm and it wasn't long before Isabella was in bed. She was exhausted from not sleeping the entire day.

I love spending time with our students but I struggle here because it's hard for me to entertain Isabella and talk in depth with them. Sometime's I feel like my relationships with them are very surfacey (yes... I like making my own words) and I just hate that. But I love my Izzy and wouldn't trade her for anything, I just need to be a bit more creative. I think next fall will provide a bit more freedom for me to dig into their lives.. thanks to Mike. Until then... I will just enjoy the time we are together and do the best I can to invest in their lives.

Along with our great JunkBoat trip was a great message on Sunday morning. Pastor Ed had a Spiritual Health Check (quiz) for us and it was really eye opening for me. I realized how much I struggle in being 'gentle' and how I struggle with my temper, critizing others, and truly loving enemies. One of the questions was, "Are you honest to others about your feelings towards them?" I thought this was a bizarre question and I'm still thinking through this but here is the thought behind it... Is it right to fake friendliness? Should you be friendly towards someone you don't like? Is that right? By faking... you don't deal with the problem you just pretend it doesn't exisit. If you are honest... it forces you to deal with your problems. I totally understand this perspective but what I'm working through right now is how do you not fake friendliness toward someone that you just don't get along with? If there's nothing that has happened between you two but with different personalities you just don't click. I guess it's just a God thing.. God has to work in you and help you to love that person. I would love to hear your opinions on this topic.

We were to head to Macau today but we all woke up exhausted and Mike a little burnt. We all napped and Izzy amazed both of us by taking two, two hour naps and went to bed on time. LOL I think we made the right decision by staying home.

Tomorrow means back to normal routine but only for a few more days!!! Mom and Dad Rose arrive next week! Can't wait to see them.

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Deanna said...

how fun melissa...what an amazing day!...great photos for a great day!